Bijie Internet – Smart Classroom – Construction Plan for Smart Classrooms in Universities

The Bijie Multi Screen Collaboration Smart Classroom Solution is mainly designed for the scenario of group discussions in vocational colleges. It adopts a solution of display devices+IP networking+intelligent terminal devices, supporting group communication, multi screen interaction, achievement display, annotation and comments, and can be integrated with the classroom central control system and classroom recording system. At the same time, it can provide a unified management platform, support large-scale deployment, and facilitate remote management by school operation and maintenance personnel.

Compared to using HDMI fiber and matrix solutions, the Bijie solution has advantages such as simple deployment, flexible networking, and rich stacking software functions.

Compared to the education all-in-one machine+OPS computer+software solution, the Bijie solution has advantages such as stable functionality and lower overall cost.

Device networking:

Connect the Bijie intelligent terminal device to the main screen/group screen of the smart classroom through HDMI video, and connect each Bijie intelligent terminal device to the same local area network;

The specific demonstration is as follows:

1. Industrial design: The product adopts an integrated structural design, with 2 built-in high-speed WiFi processing modules, hidden high gain antennas, supporting 4K high-definition display,1HDMI input,1HDMI output, independent audio input/output, Gigabit Ethernet interface, USB/Type-C expansion interface;

2. Group interaction: supports broadcasting content from the main screen to the group screen, and supports the aggregation and display of group screen content on the main screen (the main screen can display up to 6 group screen contents at the same time). It is possible to specify a group to broadcast to other group screens;

3. Wireless screen casting: The product supports mainstream wireless screen casting protocols, and devices carried by teachers and students can be cast without installing any software;

4. WEB centralized control management: supports unified and centralized device management and maintenance, and can remotely control and manage online devices for operation and maintenance;

5. Central control integration: It can be integrated and docked with the central control system to achieve the integration and linkage of multimedia teaching information equipment, and can control group interaction and various functions with one click;

6. Recording and broadcasting integration: RTSP interface can be provided to connect with the school’s recording and broadcasting system, realizing the recording and storage of teaching screen projection audio and video;

7. Screen mirroring reverse control: The product supports screen mirroring reverse control function, and teachers can reverse control the mobile intelligent terminal that is mirroring through the touch screen;

8. Multi screen display: supports multiple mobile devices to simultaneously project screens, supports teachers and students, and students and students to compare and display on the same screen

9. Information push: supports remote push of images, videos, and subtitles, and can play school teaching videos and notification information uniformly or specifically;

10. Whiteboard annotation: Built in electronic whiteboard and same screen annotation function, teachers can annotate and comment on the projection screen;

11. OPS linkage: It can be used in conjunction with the teaching all-in-one machine with its own OPS system, achieving linear display of the projection screen on the OPS system interface without the need to switch HDMI signal sources;

12. Independent HDMI input: Supports external HDMI independent signal sources, can be connected to high angle cameras, cameras, etc., and supports the fusion display of wired and wireless signals;

The smart classroom solution of Bijie’s multi screen collaboration brings a more coordinated human-machine interaction system to smart teaching, providing precise interactive teaching environment support for personalized and precise teaching.