Bijie projection screen, how to create a convenient and fast wireless projection screen and efficient office,

now some companies will arrange televisions or electronic whiteboards in the conference room. Although these devices have poor mobility, they will be much more convenient to use with Bijie projection screen due to the use of intelligent system. Bijie projection screen has built-in a set of intelligent system. The intelligent system itself has rich functions and is very compatible with PC, Android and IOS devices, so it is very convenient to install and use. The first is the mobile phone screen projection function. No matter IOS or Android mobile phones, as long as you turn on the screen projection option in the same LAN, you can connect the mobile phone with the large screen and cast the content you want to see on the large screen.

for computer projection, the premise is to install the corresponding Bijie projection client. After installation, the computer will search the large screen display device in the LAN, and can send the content to the large screen, which is actually a little similar to the mobile phone screen projection, so this operation makes the screen projection meeting easier.


and are not only practical in meetings, but also allow users to cast some other entertainment applications. For example, educational content, entertainment videos, music games and the like, through the projection screen, the company’s large screen can be transformed into an entertainment terminal to help everyone busy in the office relax their body and mood. In other words, in addition to being busy, you can also use the screen to do some screen events other than work, so as to smoothly reduce the pressure of work. So how about the display effect of this projection software? Now it is the era of Full HD and even 4K. Of course, the Bijie projection screen is making progress with the development of the trend, and it is no problem for HD 4K.


and in conclusion, Bijie’s screen projection shows us a screen projection software with “one specialty and many abilities”. Bijie projection can take the lead in the field of professional wireless projection, mainly because of its advantages of easy use, portability and no environment. At the same time, Bijie projection screen has also changed with the times, which can make it convenient for more people to use it. Maybe this is the fundamental reason why this product is welcomed by enterprise users.