Bijie screen information release function, advertising screen


Bijie products support wallpaper, subtitle push and video automatic cycle playback functions. In various activities, you can customize the rolling playback of pictures and bullet screens and video cycle playback. The information release is convenient, fast and accurate. It can be pushed in the form of text, pictures or videos, including public announcements, examination information, timetable, publicity videos and so on.

information release demonstration video

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information release function:

1 Push public information directly in the form of text, pictures or videos.

2. The information release is fast and accurate, and the notice content is clear at a glance.

3. It has better information performance and convenient and flexible information release.

4. Reduced labor costs and some management costs.

5. The picture played is very smooth, the picture quality is stable and clear, and the visual feeling is good.

information release function is applicable to the scene

enterprise publicity conference box, which supports wallpaper rotation and video circulation. Non conference projection time can be used as a corporate culture publicity window or welcome speech, and enterprise publicity videos can also be played circularly. Create a good working atmosphere and achieve good publicity effect.

bullet screen displays the meeting notice.

enterprises can set the meeting time and content as a bullet screen to be put on the large screen, or set the welcome speech as a bullet screen to welcome leaders.

campus publicity projection box supports wallpaper rotation and video circulation. It can roll the course schedule, formula table and course requirements as wallpaper, and can also be used to circularly play campus safety education videos, so as to better enable students to keep safety education in mind.


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welcome advertisements in the hotel. Bijie projection screen supports wallpaper rotation and video circulation. After docking with the hotel guest control system, welcome pictures of guests in the hotel can be played, and videos of hotel introduction can also be played circularly.

how do we set the information publishing function?

first enter the browser, enter the IP address, enter the login interface,

enter the user name: admin, password: qwer12345, and log in to the wireless projection management system.

set the bullet screen

click information publishing, then click enable information publishing, and then click Add to customize the bullet screen content. After the definition is successful, click save and select enable immediately, and the customized bullet screen will appear on the large screen.

set wallpaper

click personalization, click wallpaper settings, customize the wallpaper rotation duration, click save, click upload photos, and then open the homepage wallpaper to scroll, you can perform wallpaper rotation (up to 20 pictures can be customized).

play video

click personalization, click video settings, add video, select video, and then open the home page to play video in leisure time. (multiple videos can be added, but only the selected video can be played, and the video can be played circularly)