Bijie Screen Projector – Bijie Launches Enterprise Micro Edition Wireless Screen Projector for More Efficient Wireless Meetings

Wireless screen mirroring and wired screen mirroring technology are currently the two main ways of connecting multimedia devices. Wireless screen mirroring relies on technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, or NFC to connect devices together and achieve real-time transmission of images. The advantage is convenience and flexibility, without the need for wiring, but it may be subject to signal interference or transmission speed limitations.

Wired projection relies on physical circuits such as HDMI or VGA to connect devices together, with better stability and transmission speed than wireless projection. With the development of technology, wireless projection technology is constantly improving, such as the popularity of 5G and Wi Fi 6, which has improved its performance. It is expected that the wireless projection market will continue to expand in the future. As people’s demand for convenience and flexibility increases, it is expected that wired screen projection technology will gradually exit the market.

As a leading brand in the industry, Bijie Internet has always been committed to providing stable and efficient screen mirroring experience for business users. Recently, a new version of Bijie’s wireless screen projector, the Enterprise Micro version, was officially launched. Through close integration with the WeChat public platform, it brings users a more convenient office experience. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the characteristics, usage scenarios, and operation methods of the Enterprise Micro Edition wireless screen projector, helping you quickly get started.

Usage steps

01 Connect the Bijie Conference Box (Enterprise Micro Edition) to the enterprise LAN;

02 Enterprise Micro Administrator installs the “Bijie Screen Projection” mini program on the workbench;

03 Enterprise WeChat users open the workbench “Bijie Investment Screen”;


05 In the pop-up browser, select the projection content according to the prompts and start the projection.

Note: Currently, only Enterprise WeChat PC version screen mirroring is supported, and other methods are used for mobile screen mirroring.

The screen projection requirement of enterprise WeChat refers to the need to place content from mobile phones or computers on a large screen in internal meetings or training scenarios, so that all participants can clearly see and understand the displayed content. This demand is an important part of efficient collaboration and communication in modern enterprises, which can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of meetings or training.

In the past, implementing screen projection requirements required cumbersome connecting cables and settings, and compatibility issues between different devices also brought a lot of inconvenience to screen projection. However, with the popularization and continuous development of enterprise WeChat, wireless screen mirroring has emerged, providing more convenient and efficient solutions for internal meetings and training scenarios.

Through the Bijie Enterprise Micro Edition wireless screen projector, users can transfer real-time content from their phones or computers to the large screen with simple operations, without worrying about factors such as device type, operating system, or network environment. This feature not only improves the efficiency of meetings or training, but also enhances the flexibility and cohesion of team collaboration.

In practical applications, the wireless screen mirroring function of enterprise WeChat has been widely used in various industries and scenarios. For example, in the retail industry, merchants can use wireless screen projection function for product display and promotion; In the education industry, teachers can use wireless screen mirroring function for teaching and interaction; In the financial industry, banks can use wireless screen mirroring functions for risk assessment and decision analysis, and so on.

In summary, the Bijie Enterprise Micro Edition wireless screen projection solution is an efficient and convenient solution that can meet the needs of modern enterprises in various scenarios, improve team collaboration and communication efficiency and flexibility. In the future, with the continuous progress of technology and the continuous innovation and improvement of enterprise WeChat, we have reason to believe that this feature will become increasingly popular and important.