BiJie is the world’s leading manufacturer of wireless screen projection/wireless display/wireless mirror/wireless screencast products.It can support up to four user projection screens at the same time. It supports such screen projection protocols as Airplay, Miracast, DLNA, WIDI, BJCast and can provide SDK packages.

Recently, initiated by one hundred national educational informatization forums, together with the smartshow 2020 official organizing committee and other industry platforms, 153 educational enterprises are in the process of carrying out the charity activities of “anti epidemic education, no suspension of classes, no suspension of schools”.

Since the launch of donation activities for one week, many donation enterprises have received the consultation from teachers of colleges and universities all over the country, and are providing free services to colleges and students at all levels.

In the epidemic situation, there is an urgent need for schools to close classes without stopping. Many teachers are eager to find products for online teaching. There are also many parents and students who have no way to find learning products.

In this urgent situation, we will do a good job in platform responsibility, do our best to screen and check, and send relatively high-quality education platforms and resources to the front line. The promise of “no charge during the service and donation period, no compulsory charge for students’ products and no malicious guide payment after the epidemic” has been positively responded by hundreds of education enterprises.

Here, I would like to thank 153 education enterprises for sharing 10 billion worth of software and curriculum resources, as well as human and material resources, technical support and services.

1. Suitable for online teaching in remote mountainous areas, 3 products in total

2. recommendation of high quality teaching resources, 1 product in total

3. Air class (including lesson preparation), 20 products in total

4. Air classroom (live software), 29 products in total

5. Homework and interactive teaching, 18 products in total

6. Primary and secondary school learning software (general), 18 products in total

7. Primary and secondary schools (English, reading, calligraphy), 14 products in total

8. Steam and maker, 8 products in total

9. Preschool education and early education, 9 products in total

10. Teaching tools and management software, 9 products in total

11. Teaching resources, 4 products in total

12. Career planning and evaluation, 5 products in total

13. Excellent products, 3 in total

14. Vocational education, higher education, etc., 11 products in total

The following is the donation information screened out with high quality for the selection of teachers and students all over the country

[brand name 1]: Shenzhen tomorrow

[product name]: remote interactive classroom / one school with multiple schools / online live classroom / synchronous classroom

[product advantages]: for areas with poor network, the application should be stronger. Without network bandwidth requirements, the places with access to the Internet can be used. Mobile phones, pads, computers, PCs, etc. can be accessed anytime and anywhere. The network applicability is particularly strong. It can serve the education institutions with poor network signal in remote mountainous areas

Product Description: to solve the problem of unbalanced quality teachers, to achieve Internet + education, double teacher classroom, synchronous classroom, online education, remote interactive teaching, collaborative office, live on demand classroom, online teaching, video conferencing, remote emergency command, telemedicine consultation, etc.

[product experience / acquisition method]:

1. Download path on the official website of the exclusive user

2. Android

3. Windows version

[service team]: there are more than 120 domestic business teams, offices all over the country, 35 customer service personnel, 45 technical personnel, 90 R & D personnel and 350 product personnel

[donation time]: during the epidemic

[donation area]: all over the country

[contact person]: Guo Jintao: 17737155883 (the same wechat number); Zhang Wenzhen: 13783493939 (the same wechat number); Wang Yanrong: 18039233440 (the same wechat number)

[brand name 2]: Renbo Education

[product name]: renboyi teaching and learning smart campus platform

[product advantage]: for areas with poor network, such as live broadcasting, the pressure on bandwidth is too great. The best way is to use on-demand. After using on-demand, you can watch repeatedly, and listen to the content you can’t learn repeatedly. Better applicability, no network bandwidth requirements, can be used where the Internet can be used, can be applied to remote mountainous areas and areas with poor network.

[product introduction]: provide intelligent campus platform to Education Bureau and school, which can facilitate students’ online learning, teachers’ online teaching, and leaders’ online video conference. Through the set permission size, it can realize the communication between the upper and lower levels of information, and truly enable users to work without barriers to realize the one button smart remote management of mobile phones; students can communicate with each other through high-quality resources classes, fully realize the network learning space.

[product experience / access]

1. pay attention to the public number “Ren Bo technology” to download app

2. Log in to

[service team]: there are more than 100 domestic business teams, offices in many parts of the country, more than 50 customer service technicians, and more than 100 R & D personnel.

[donation time]: during the epidemic

[donation area]: all over the country

[contact person]

Zhang Xingsheng 13082630200 (wechat ramblerz)

Zhang Ping: 18605375771 (wechat ramblerz)

[brand name 3]: Warburg Pincus

[donation products]: special delivery classroom, one school with many schools

[product introduction]: Based on the Internet and the network conditions in rural underdeveloped areas, an optimized online classroom system (special delivery, one school with multiple schools) is designed to realize the ultra-low delay real-time audio-video and courseware transmission, real-time interaction. According to the application logic designed by the traditional offline teaching mode, teachers and students can seamlessly connect, zero training use, and realize “no suspension of classes”.

[service team]: more than 100 technicians, covering all county-level units in China

[donation time]: during the epidemic

[donation area]: all over the country

[contact person]: Zheng Changhui 13701924274 (the same as wechat)

[brand name]: Subject Network

[donated products]: resource base – high end service of online school communication

[product introduction]: is a high-quality resource service product for schools and educational institutions at all levels. It covers a number of primary and secondary schools, and has 12 million sets of educational resources and real-time updates. It can effectively solve the problems of insufficient teaching resources, repeated construction, etc., and comprehensively improve the school’s teaching soft power.

[white list conditions]: jingicp B No. 12013499-1 / jiaoapp B No. 1100165 / level III of the equal protection

[customer service]: teachers, students and parents of primary, junior and senior high school in China

[donation time]: during the epidemic

[donation scope]: nationwide

[contact person]: 400-900-2556

[brand name 1]: Wisdom / learning partner of Beishi

[product name]: primary and secondary air class

[product introduction]: Service Education Bureau and school. Provide teachers with one-stop teaching space services such as teaching research, lesson preparation, teaching and evaluation, and provide students with one-stop learning space services integrating learning, practice, question answering, evaluation and communication

[service team]: 60 customer service teams, 40 technical teams, which can serve 1000 schools, and now 200

[white list conditions]: app filing No. 1100703 of the Ministry of education, education app preparation

[donation time]: during the epidemic

[donation area]: all over the country

[contact person]: Miss Cui 18601090076 (wechat same number); Miss Gao 18511415526

[brand name 2]: ruixuetang (Beijing Namike Technology Co., Ltd.)

[product name]: primary and secondary school intelligent teaching cloud platform, Xiaorui operation app

[product introduction]: for the regional education departments and primary and secondary schools (including secondary vocational schools), provide the “teacher led, student-centered” double main teaching air classroom, support online whole process teaching activities, teachers’ lesson preparation, students’ learning, homework feedback, teachers’ correction, mistake book, seamless communication between home and school and other data analysis services in the whole process of teaching and learning

[service team]: 27 technicians, 23 operators, 8 teachers and researchers, 12 lecturers, can serve 1000 + schools

[white list conditions]: Guangdong app into the white list of the campus yuejiao-2019070066, No. 1100564, app by the Ministry of Education

[donation time]: epidemic period (can be extended under special circumstances)

[donation area]: all over the country

[contact person]

Miss sun 13426172903 (micro signal name Sunhai)

Ning teacher 13501293655 (wechat wendyning 1102)

[brand name 3]: Beijing hex Technology

[product name]: primary and secondary school teaching cloud platform + excellent teacher end + family end

[product introduction]: the teaching platform provides classroom teaching cloud services for primary and secondary schools, makes full use of existing and rich online education resources, covers all disciplines, and provides online teaching functions such as online lesson preparation, online learning, online subject assignment, online question answering and guidance, targeted assignment for students’ weak points, etc. in synchronization with teaching materials, and integrates these functions to help them It can help teachers and students to achieve efficiency and quality improvement under the remote support of information technology, which is suitable for schools and online teaching activities urgently needed by teachers

[service team]: 120 customer service team, 50 technical team, Huawei cloud education solution partner, underlying micro service architecture, docker container technology, can serve 1000 schools

[white list conditions]: Ministry of education education app 1100410

[donation time]: during the epidemic

[donation area]: all over the country

[contact person]: Teacher Zhang 13166677555 (wechat same number); online customer service Tel.: 4008089022

[brand name 4]: Boya cloud classroom

[donated products]: Jiangsu famous teachers college entrance examination review course series

[product introduction]: Boya cloud classroom provides the video review course for the college entrance examination of Chinese, mathematics, history and geography departments. The course is specially designed for the college entrance examination review by relying on the team of Nanjing Normal University and Jiangsu super level teachers. It can realize students’ home schooling and provide online learning, practice, question answering, evaluation and other learning services for students

[service team]: 43 people, 13 technicians, 20 course editors, 10 customer service support, 10000 people online learning at a single point. At present, it has served education bureaus and schools in all regions of the country

[donation time]: during the epidemic

[scope of donation]: nationwide

[contact person]: Jiang Rui 13912943623 (the same as wechat)

[brand name 5]: Tianwen Digital Media Technology Co., Ltd

[donated products]: School Bilin app

[product introduction]: the high-quality mobile online teaching platform provides rich online learning resources, accurate home school communication and efficient campus management functions for K12 school and teachers and students, as well as customized online supervision and clock in and epidemic prevention education columns for schools. During the epidemic period, teachers and students should stay at home to achieve the goal of no school suspension

[product experience / access method]: download the “school neighborhood” app and contact us to open an account

[white list conditions]: app No. 1100152, Ministry of Education

[service team]: there are more than 100 domestic business teams and product R & D teams, with offices in major regions of the country, which can well support the landing and service of products

[donation time]: during the epidemic

[donation area]: all over the country

[contact person]: teacher Ding: 15211099148 (wechat same number); teacher Xie: 18588235758 (wechat same number)