BiJie is the world’s leading manufacturer of wireless screen projection/wireless display/wireless mirror/wireless screencast products.It can support up to four user projection screens at the same time. It supports such screen projection protocols as Airplay, Miracast, DLNA, WIDI, BJCast and can provide SDK packages.

The annual Acer Acer Projector Distributor Conference, which focuses on the key words of the development of audio-visual industry in technology, products, solutions and applications in 2019, is on schedule. Acer projector put forward the important strategy of this conference – Acer all in laser, which attracted wide attention from dealers all over the country.

At the same time, guests such as Lin Mingli, senior director of product management department of Acer Acer Acer Acer Acer Global Headquarters, Tang Hailong, Senior Product Manager of Acer Acer Acer Acer China Projector, and Chen Xing, Senior Product Manager of Acer Acer Acer Acer China Projector, gathered in Zhuhai with excellent distributor partners from all over the country to project the trend of the projection industry and Acer Acer Acer Projector. The future planning of the machine has been deeply communicated and shared.

Consistent with the strategy information of “Acer all in laser”, this event showcased more than a dozen new laser projectors of various series, including the 12 laser projection series released this time, covering 12,000 lumens to 3,000 lumens, from high-end engineering to household 4K. Distributors from all over the country visited the tea break and went into the product exhibition area for detailed observation and understanding, and in-depth communication with Acer Acer Acer product manager on the advantages of new products.

Acer all in laser”–the first key word of Acer projector in 2019

At the beginning of the meeting, the moderator gave an opening speech to the participants. As we all know, the projection industry in 2017-2018 is full of agitation and change. In 2018, Acer projector has achieved many successful cases in emerging areas, providing targeted and flexible projection solutions for customers, and constantly accumulating good reputation in the industry. As one of the world-renowned projector brands (Acer projector ranks fourth globally in 2018, source from PMA data), Acer projector will insist on promoting its own technological innovation and improving product structure, no matter in the period of rapid development of new players entering the market or in the period of rational slowdown. Faced with the new opportunities of laser projection in 2019, Acer projector launched the development strategy of “Acer all in laser”, striving to play with the new opportunities and scenarios of the quality era and accelerate the potential value of catalyzing the future projection market.

Business and education market hot spot shift, cultural tourism market vitality highlighted

Mr. Tang Hailong, chief analyst from Prospect Consulting, shared his analysis of the projection market in 2019 with the guests. In 2020, the number of Chinese cultural performances is expected to exceed 100,000. In 2019, the total income of tourism economy will be 6.52 trillion yuan. The number of high-star hotels has exceeded 10,000, and the compound annual growth rate of audio-visual solutions and services from hotels is expected to reach 10%. Cultural tourism will become a supermarket projected for development in the next three years. The mode of combining cultural IP with high-tech means will be more respected in tourist attractions. The upgrading of industry and the diversification of market are promoting the new application scenario of projection.

12 Series of New Products, Acer Laser Projection Scale Development

According to Prospect Consulting China Projector Product Market Analysis Report 201Q2, in the second quarter of 2019, the total sales of pure laser projectors exceeded 120,000 units, an increase of more than 100% year on year. With the unique advantages of long life, high brightness and economy, new laser sources continue to grow in the field of subdivision, and gradually develop new application scenarios. With the re-upgrading of laser technology and cost reduction, Acer believes that the large-scale development of laser projection will be a new breakthrough for brand to participate in market competition. Mr. Lin Mingli, Director of Product Management Department of Digital Display Institutions at Acer Acer Acer Acer Global Headquarters, introduced in detail 12 new series of Acer laser projectors in 2019, covering high-end laser engineering, ultra-short laser focus and short laser focus to 4K for home use.

Mr. Chen Xing, Senior Product Manager of Acer Projector, proposed “Symbiosis, Collaboration, Win-win” to share market environment and Acer Projector product planning and channel strategy with on-site partners. He said: “In the face of the rapid development trend of laser light sources, Acer and dealers need to continue to improve their overall competitiveness, including traditional sales model, efficient operation of e-commerce and better service capabilities. In the field of professional subdivision, new technology brings only opportunities, and only product integration innovation oriented by user needs can win the future. Acer all in laser, the twelve series of Acer all in laser projectors, is full of excitation, which meets the needs of all kinds of customers from the product side. Channel strategy, from focusing on laser, actively popularizing 1080P and wide screen, maintaining the competitiveness of flow models and other aspects for the national distributors to create a win-win model.

Acer Shares the Successful Cases of 2019 in Recognition of Excellent Distributors of the Year

At the same time, the conference held the Acer Projector Distributor Award Ceremony in 2019. Eighteen distributors from all over the country won six awards, namely, Excellent Contribution Award, Excellent Achievement Award, Excellent Agent Award, Electronic Commerce Diamond Agent, Best Growth Award and Wind and Rain Together Award. On the spot, Acer expressed its sincere thanks to all partners. At the same time, we hope that in the new year, Acer Projector will work hand in hand with all distributors and make further efforts to achieve more brilliant results.

Acer launched laser and LED products six years ago. In recent years, Acer has continuously evolved to a professional and high-end direction, and has achieved many successful cases in different industries, different scenarios and different application needs. Combined with the new high-end laser products covering more than 10,000 lumens this year, Acer projector will meet the needs of a wider range of customers. With Acer’s after-sales and professional project service system of national distributors, Acer Projector will join hands with national distributors to seize important opportunities such as consumer upgrading and cultural tourism industry in 2019, bringing higher quality and higher value image display solutions to users.