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In order to stop the spread of the epidemic to the campus and ensure the life safety and health of teachers and students, the Ministry of Education issued a notice recently, requesting that the spring semester 2020 be postponed, and students should not go out, party, hold or participate in centralized activities at home. All training institutions also cancel all kinds of offline courses as required. After the postponement of school, what should children do about their study?

On January 29, the head of the Ministry of Education said in an interview that the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia is a top priority at present. According to the requirements of the unified deployment of the Ministry of education and the local Party committee and government, the education departments at all levels are making full efforts to prevent and control, resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic in schools, and postpone the start of school is one of the important measures. At the same time, the local education departments have also done a lot of work to “stop teaching and learning” in primary and secondary schools during the epidemic prevention and control period.

“Instead of face-to-face classes, we will build cloud classes so that children can learn at home.” According to the person in charge, the Ministry of education is coordinating and integrating the relevant teaching resources of the country, relevant places and schools, providing a variety of high-quality online teaching resources that can be selected and covered all over the country, and making every effort to ensure that teachers teach online and children learn online. It is planned to open the national network cloud classroom on February 17, which was originally planned to open normally in most regions. Based on the curriculum resources of “one teacher one excellent course, one lesson one teacher” project which won the ministerial award, it will absorb other high-quality network curriculum teaching resources for local schools to organize students to carry out online learning.

According to the introduction, the national online cloud classroom (www.eduyun. CN) is based on the textbooks compiled by the Ministry and the versions of textbooks widely used in various places, covering all grades from the first grade of primary school to the third grade of general high school. It takes the teaching week as the unit, establishes a unified curriculum in line with the teaching schedule, and provides online on demand courses. The school can not only use the modular curriculum designed on the platform, but also use the tools provided by the platform to organize the teachers of the school to form a flexible curriculum according to the list of online learning resources, combined with the characteristics of the school itself, and push it to the students for independent on-demand learning. The platform also provides online lectures and interactive tutoring functions between teachers and students in the class and school.

Considering that some rural areas and remote and poverty-stricken areas have no network or slow network speed, the Ministry of education will arrange China education television to broadcast relevant courses and resources through TV channels to solve the problem of students studying at home in these areas.

In order to enrich the high-quality online learning resources, the Ministry of education also coordinates the education departments in Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, Zhejiang and other places, as well as the primary and secondary schools affiliated to Tsinghua University and the secondary schools affiliated to Renmin University of China to open the local online learning resources to the society free of charge during the extended opening period, so that the majority of primary and secondary school students can choose to use and study independently; at the same time, the people’s education press will also“ The digital teaching resource database of “teaching by people and reading by point” is open to the society free of charge.

According to the introduction, “stop teaching, stop learning” requires all levels of education departments and schools to work together, where conditions permit, local and schools should actively provide students with free online learning classes with local school characteristics; the Ministry of education also hopes that social forces can actively participate in cooperation and provide more diverse public welfare high-quality learning resources.

Finally, the person in charge said, “ceasing teaching and ceasing teaching is not only an emergency measure for fighting the epidemic situation, but also an important achievement of Internet + education application display. The task is arduous and the mission is glorious. In accordance with the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping and the decision making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, we should overcome difficulties together. Please attach great importance to, actively prepare, organize and effectively implement. At that time, the specific arrangements shall be notified to every school, every teacher and student; the students shall be guided to plan the amount and time of learning resources in each subject, strengthen learning and psychological guidance, do a good job in eyesight protection, strengthen physical exercise, and successfully complete the learning task. “