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The National Big Data (Guizhou) Comprehensive Test Zone Exhibition Center is located along Changling South Road, Shubo Avenue. It is an industrial road that Guiyang is building to gather the functions of global Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy.

By the end of 2020, Guiyang will be built into the core area of Shubo Avenue in an all-round way, creating “10 billion Avenues and 100 billion Big Cities”, becoming an important bearing area for the rooting of large data in Guiyang, a pilot demonstration area for the development of large data fusion in Guizhou, a centralized exhibition area for the national comprehensive test of large data, and a combination of the development of global big data industry. The core area of “China Number Valley” and “Number Fair Never Ending” with functions as an exchange area promote the sustainable development of big data industry.

The total floor area of the National Big Data (Guizhou) Comprehensive Test Zone Exhibition Center is 7080 square meters, with a total exhibition area of 5000 square meters, including five exhibition areas, some of which are projected by Canon 3LCOS project projector and single-chip DLP projection, mainly involving models WUX6600Z, WUX5800Z, LX-MU800Z, totally. The number has reached more than 40 sets.

Due to the high quality requirement of the communication center, Canon LCOS reflector panel projector is selected to meet the high quality requirement. With its superb quality and color, no distortion and high transmittance lens, strong large-scale lens displacement (up and down displacement up to 90%) again demonstrates the outstanding application of Canon machine in its pavilion. Branch is the best choice for high quality exhibition. The following is the introduction of each exhibition area.

1. “Digital China Guizhou Program Exhibition Area”

Main exhibition: the development history and top-level design of Guizhou Big Data, as well as the seven tests in the comprehensive test area, etc. Creative surface projection, four Canon LCOS machines are projected on the surface of 14 meters in length, thanks to Canon’s unique LCOS reflective chip technology, coupled with Canon’s unique high quality low light loss short focus optical lens, the picture color is delicate, and the pixels are smoother.

Sixty-six hundred lumens were projected on 12 square meters of hemisphere in seven experimental areas, and Canon’s high color brightness made the picture have high contrast in bright environment.

Top-level Design and Overall Situation of Guizhou Big Data Development Interactive Projection Exhibition Area

Seven experimental semicircular projections

2. “Dreaming on the Clouds and Cultivating Exhibition Area”

Main showcases: innovation and development of big data enterprises, innovative products and international cooperation. Eight Canon LCOS 6600 Lumens Laser Projection Vertical Projection realizes desktop touch interaction, with 40,000 hours of life of laser light source, which can perfectly solve 360 degree dead angle installation.

3. “The Future Has Comed to the Exhibition Area”

Main exhibitions: Shubo Avenue, FAST Experience Space, etc.

A total of 7 5800 Lumen Canon LCOS laser engineering projectors are used in FAST experience space. With Canon original short focus (ultra short focus) lens, the large-scale displacement of Canon lens can easily realize the hiding of immersion project projector, and it will not worry about the loss of any pixels in the picture distortion. The visual effect can achieve the most perfect expression. 。

FAST Experience Space

In the future gate area, two Canon 6600 lumen LCOS laser projections are fused with Canon original ultra wide angle lens (0.54:1) back projection. This lens has built-in ultra-low dispersion (UD) lens, which can achieve high resolution images with low color deviation and low color halo; and the addition of floating system makes zoom lens available. In order to reduce the color aberration and make the image quality more stable in the whole zoom range, multiple groups of lenses are moved independently in the zoom process. In addition, the lens also uses aspheric lens, which can reduce the distortion of TV to below one pixel level and realize seamless image connection when projecting on multiple computers. Professional lenses with low light loss and high transmittance cooperate with large-scale lens displacement, but the installation and debugging of back-projection reflection is more convenient and the effect is more outstanding.

4. Wisdom Experience Hall

Main showcases: 5G application scenario experience, home Internet of Things experience, MR classroom, multi-person AR interaction, etc. Two 6600 Lumen Canon LCOS lasers are projected by a single projector, and 3LCOS has high color brightness, which can achieve better results in bright environment.