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The sudden outbreak delayed the spring semester, and responded to the call of the Ministry of education to suspend classes and schools. All regions have made use of the Internet plus education to create a new teaching mode.

Dongfang Zhongyuan assisted teachers of Yichun middle school in Jiangxi Province to record online courses of Jiangxi education cloud, and the solution of propix Pixar ultra short focus education laser projector + electronic whiteboard provided powerful hardware guarantee for teachers to explain in class. The recorded courses are not only for the whole Jiangxi Province, but also for Hubei Province at the same time. In front of the epidemic, we are closely connected.

Jiangxi education cloud is a public resource service application platform specially designed for Jiangxi education. It was launched in 19 years, and collected the courses from the first grade of primary school to the second grade of senior high school. Students can learn the courses freely through Jiangxi education cloud. Teachers can also query relevant teaching materials through Jiangxi education cloud platform, and share resources with each other, making the teaching process more convenient and convenient.

Yichun middle school is one of the first provincial key middle schools in Jiangxi Province. The recording teachers are excellent players in all kinds of high-quality courses in the whole city or the whole province. The recorded Chinese and chemistry courses in grade one and grade two are open to the whole province in Jiangxi education cloud.

In order to ensure the quality of class and smooth recording, teachers constantly modify the teaching plan, practice at home, check each other before recording, record class hours and practice again and again, in order to perfect presentation and improve, the Oriental Zhongyuan propix ultra short focus education laser projector + electronic whiteboard solution guarantees the high-quality presentation of the course with the same requirements.

(teacher’s revised teaching plan)

(drill at home)

(discussion before the drill)

(mutual inspection before drill)

(audition before the drill)

(perfect after over and over)

(patient editing of the teacher in the electric classroom)

After the busy figure of the teacher, Dongfang Zhongyuan also followed the camera. The projection picture of the propix Pixar ultra short focus education laser projector can reach 80 inches in 40cm, ultra short focus, large picture, with electronic whiteboard to support multimedia projection. The teacher played ppt clearly and explained it smoothly. We silently supported their work in the back and applauded for a wonderful class.

Teachers record the courses efficiently and high quality, move the offline classes to the online, and deliver a knowledge meal for primary and secondary school students in Jiangxi Province and Hubei Province, so as to realize the non-stop of classes. They are sticking to “extraordinary” in their ordinary posts, and Dongfang Zhongyuan is happy to participate in the project and do its part. I believe that all of us will make concerted efforts to “fight the epidemic”, and we will surely get through the difficulties and see the spring flowers bloom.