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Under the current situation, the school is delayed. No matter for schools, education and training institutions, or students, online education and online classes have become an alternative. However, for both teachers and students, the experience of online class is not so good.

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In fact, online class is not a new thing. Many educational institutions, such as New Oriental and elite, have online education business for a long time, but their offline business is still the source of income accounting for more than 90%. There is still a lot of room for the development of online education. This also explains from the side: the network course is not the best choice of learning, face-to-face teaching is the best way of learning under the practice of the masses. If it is not a special period, no one would like to have classes at home facing the screen.

Then, we have to accept a setting: the online class experience is really worse than sitting in the classroom. But if the online class is not good, it is not only the educational institutions headed by the school, but also the vast number of students and parents who are affected. So what’s the difference between online education and sitting in the classroom? What is mentioned most is the interaction of classroom and the concentration of teachers and students. These two points are the disadvantages of online courses. And the most critical point is the most insurmountable gap between online classes and classroom classes. In fact, blackboard writing is the soul of classroom classes.

Remember when you went to school, all the knowledge points were written on the blackboard by the teacher, while they were written into your brain. It is also the teacher who writes and talks on the blackboard, which can not only effectively interact with teachers and students, but also ensure that students can pay more attention to listening with eyes and ears. In the classroom, the teacher’s blackboard writing is interesting and clear. However, blackboard writing in online teaching is very limited.

Traditional blackboard writing vs online teaching blackboard writing

Teachers have limited access to the Internet. Many teachers take classes through computers, mobile phones or tablets. The device screen limits the blackboard writing in the process of online class. Many teachers can only use the mouse to write, with a stylus or tablet in a better condition, but also can only write on the mobile phone or tablet screen cautiously. So most of the online classes can only guarantee oral expression, it is difficult to achieve blackboard teaching.

Traditional online course equipment

Now there is such a product, which is necessary for online classes, making the experience of online education “big” different. That is DTEn D7 artificial intelligence interactive large screen.

DTEn D7 artificial intelligence interactive large screen

55 inch / 75 inch large screen

DTEn D7 artificial intelligence interactive large screen, two sizes are optional (55 inch / 75 inch), supporting up to 1000 people to communicate online video at the same time, which can meet the teaching needs of various scales. D7’s large screen, more clear in class, with better video call effect.

Video call function

Smart whiteboard

In addition to video functions, DTEn D7 is also an intelligent whiteboard. This intelligent whiteboard, with rapid whiteboard response, brings smooth writing; meticulous strokes, accurate writing, so that the details are clearly presented. Large screen, let the teacher how to write on the blackboard before, now can also play on the whiteboard. Better than the blackboard, it can write a full screen of blackboard, save with one key and send it to all the students’ email boxes, which is convenient for the students to review after class.

Document projection and handwritten annotation

Intelligent whiteboard

With DTEn D7, schools and major education and training institutions can greatly upgrade teaching equipment, so that teachers can no longer limit their online class hours.

Virtual background

DTEn’s built-in global video conference leading software zoom not only provides professional solutions for online education, but also adds many rich functions. For example, the virtual background function is very practical for online class at home. Teachers and students can take local pictures as the background of zoom class, for example, teachers take a picture of the ocean as a virtual background, so that students at the far end can see teachers as if they are in the ocean to teach for themselves; teachers take a picture of the desert as a virtual background, and teachers seem to be in the desert again. It can not only protect the privacy of the home, but also make students have a better intuitive feeling and increase interest.

Virtual background

DTEn is very suitable for online education because of its smooth video call effect and excellent interactive performance of intelligent whiteboard. At present, it has been selected as a teaching tool by many world-famous universities.

Stanford University

Teacher evaluation from Stanford

“As a professor, I used a lot of electronic whiteboards. DTEn is the most amazing and easy to use. I like it very much. It’s a very good product. “

William B. Stanford Professor, Graduate School of business

The universities that choose DTEn are:

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