BiJie is the world’s leading manufacturer of wireless screen projection/wireless display/wireless mirror/wireless screencast products.It can support up to four user projection screens at the same time. It supports such screen projection protocols as Airplay, Miracast, DLNA, WIDI, BJCast and can provide SDK packages.At the recently concluded InfoComm China exhibition in Beijing, an obvious trend is that engineering projectors are no longer simply matching brightness “indicators”. More manufacturers are concerned about product application experience, including lightweight design, multi-lens configuration, color expression and so on, depending on market segmentation. Among them, color indicators are paid more attention not only in the field of home use, but also in the field of engineering, in order to bring more surprising creative content. With the maturity of the brightness of new light sources, some manufacturers choose to conquer the color technology to consolidate the display effect, not to refer to bright and dazzling colors, but to coincide with the accurate colors of creative content.

This demand often appears in various art exhibitions. In recent years, multi-media light and shadow art has appeared frequently in major art exhibitions at home and abroad, showing no difference in the limelight. Whether Xu Bing’s “Thoughts and Methods” exhibition, China Picasso exhibition and other artists’personal works exhibition, or the French Museum of Light, Japan TeamLab immersion interactive exhibition and other new forms of exhibition, all have multimedia participation. One of the most important roles – Engineering projector, although the “body” is always quietly hidden behind, but the projected images shine in front of the world, giving the art exhibition a sense of freshness and vitality.

Is it good-looking or real?

When this question arises in the case of multimedia art exhibitions, it will be specifically expressed as: Want to see real art or beautifully decorated?

According to the art exhibition cases completed by DLP Projection Brand Mingji in the past two years, projectors play different roles in different types of art exhibitions.

For example, Xu Bing’s “Thoughts and Methods” exhibition at the Ullens Art Center last year not only shows images of movies, but also completes space programs with other devices. The former is a familiar application of projectors, while the latter is incorporated into artistic expression and serves as a bridge between artists and audiences. Although the form is different, the color of the projector will play a role in varying degrees.

In the Deep Sea Light Art Exhibition, which focuses on “immersion”, the projector provides 360 degree realistic deep-sea landscape, creating an atmosphere experience, in order to make the viewer feel like he is in the scene and reach the area he cannot reach. Since we want to pursue realistic effect, color accuracy is also closely related to the viewer’s experience.

In the recent Ullens Picasso exhibition, in order to introduce the artist’s life story, the introduction of video material broadcasting, because the broadcast photos and videos are full of historical sense, black and white images, rough quality, if the projector’s own resolution is not high, the viewing experience is easy to be poor. Therefore, in this exhibition, attention is paid to the comprehensive quality requirements of projectors.

Through the above three cases, we can see that the color accuracy of the engineering projector is one of the important requirements of the multimedia scheme of the art exhibition. It is particularly important for art exhibitions to present the truth and restore the emotions and charm of art works.

New product LU9245 of Quasi-Advanced Mingji Project

DLP Projection Brand Mingji BenQ has been working in the field of Engineering display since it released all kinds of laser machines in 2017. The long-term durability and brightness of laser, together with the installation stability of Mingji Projector and the diversity of matching machines, have opened up a new engineering world belonging to Mingji. Especially in the aspect of art exhibition, the continuous improvement of Mingji Engineering Machine’s painting quality and color expression give the library full confidence.

Based on the actual needs of art exhibition at this stage, Mingji will soon launch a laser engineering projector LU9245, with the gamut coverage rate of 96% of Rec 709, and the color accuracy will be greatly improved.

Rec.709 is a common color specification in the field of video and audio. It is the international standard of high definition television. If the hardware display device matches Rec.709 standard, it means that the display effect can be more restored.

The unremitting pursuit of color is the product gene of base projection. As early as in the home market, Mingji has a proud color tuning technology, CinematicColor, through the professional color tuning team knife, blooming a “faithful reproduction of the original color of the film” professional family audio and video products.

Apart from the higher level of color expression, the other qualities of LU9245 are not so impressive. Supporting 4K resolution input, constantly enlarging the beauty of art for the audience; providing a variety of Gamma value adjustments means that more types of film sources can be adapted. (The bigger the Gamma value is, the higher the contrast of the dark picture is, and the brightness of the picture decreases accordingly. The LU9245 provides adjustable output Gamma value and special Gamma mode.)

With the development of multimedia light and shadow art, the application of Engineering projectors in the field of exhibition is becoming more and more mature, and the library’s pursuit of visual effects has not stopped. This requires the engineering projectors to innovate constantly, improve the color expression while upgrading the resolution, and better meet the library’s requirements. So LU9245 came into being.

On August 21, Mingji BenQ will hold a new product appraisal meeting of Engineering projector at 798 Ullens Art Center in Beijing, focusing on exquisite art, which will provide an early view of Mingji’s latest exhibition plan and products. In addition, UCCA’s professional curator of Ullens Contemporary Art Center will lead you to appreciate the Picasso exhibition created by Mingji Laser Engineering Projector, and open up a unique art exhibition experience.

Due to the limited number of activities on that day, only 10 participants can sign up by sweeping code, and the staff will contact and confirm within two working days. (If you have any colleagues who want to see the exhibition for the rest of the time, you can add Wechat 18626230927 to contact you.)