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West Film Art Experience Center is located in the West Film Industry Agglomeration Area with 60 years of literature and art accumulation, which is a brand-new film world. More than 300 film projection equipments throughout the world film development process, many manuscripts and art archives in the production process of classical films, as well as a large number of interactive experiences showing the principle of light and film art and the charm of science and technology, together with retrospect of film history and film art, film industry development history and western film art achievements.

The experience center integrates laser projection technology, uses 20 mainstream project projectors of Video Merlot, display of classic movies, restoring scenes of big talk westbound movies, film green screen shooting experience and other laser projection applications to lead you into the film world and walk through the long history of light and shadow.

Dream back and talk about traveling westward

It’s a big story to go west to the fantastic house. Every scene design is particularly elaborate, and the movie scenes are restored to the greatest extent in a limited range. The interactive experience areas of Wuyueshan, Inn, Pansil Cave, Water Curtain Cave, Heifengling, Niu Dewang Mountain Village and so on have been built to have a dialogue with the classics.  

1:1 To restore the film’s water curtain cave, the true and illusory fog screen projection adds a bit of mystery. Film pictures are shrouded in a haze of seemingly nothing, sometimes clear and sometimes scattered. With the cooperation of lights and the original sound of the film, they break through the secondary wall and bring the real film world to the front of “big talk fans”.

When you are still immersed in the mood of the big talk world in the last second, skeletons suddenly appear on the ground in the next second, incarnating as a “ghost house” with the theme of traveling westward. In the progressive emotional feeling, the immersion experience of classical IP in movies is pushed to the climax.

Five hundred years ago, the Supreme Treasure and the Zixia Fairy met in front of the Pansil Cave and put three moles on the Supreme Treasure’s feet. How regrettable the end of Zixia fairy and Supreme Treasure is, how valuable their first meeting is. “Big Talk Fans” in the same movie scene, watching the movie section on the projection screen, witness the beginning of a deep-seated feeling.

Old Car Museum

Driving cars into movies is not only props, but also lively characters, which express speed and passion, romance and elegance. The experience center collects all kinds of old cars, which are important actors of many excellent films in the West Film Factory. They bear the social features and artistic values of a specific era.

In the Movie Museum of Classic Cars, with “highway” walkways, the scenes of each car are set up with costumes, props and military equipment used in the movies. The projection of movie scenes awakens people’s memory of the times.

The arc-shaped giant curtain projection brings the old Shanghai Shili Yangchang style to everyone. Image edge fusion technology presents a very large image with a sense of integrity, without any other props decoration. The unique prosperity and sorrow of that era permeated the air, and the old car in the center is the absolute protagonist in the field.

Multivariate Applications Exhibit Laser Display Charm

Film Film Collection

The image introduction of film and film collections, even if projected on ordinary white walls, shows the excellent brightness and color performance of the mainstream engineering machine of Video Merlot, which makes the projection effect without any discount.

Green Screen Production Experience Zone

Here, the experiencer can choose a piece of film clip that he likes to perform in front of the green screen, and the picture is processed and replaced with other backgrounds, so that the experiencer can feel the beauty of making the film while knowing the technology of making the green screen.

The mainstream engineering projector used in this project has 5000-7000 lumen color brightness, 1000000:1 contrast and WUXGA level resolution. The brightness attenuation is very stable, the lens selection is diverse, and the installation is flexible in the changeable decoration environment of the experience center. Video Merlot Laser Display is another presentation of the film world. Through the image, we can find the story of Western Studio’s pursuit of shadow.