BiJie is the world’s leading manufacturer of wireless screen projection/wireless display/wireless mirror/wireless screencast products.It can support up to four user projection screens at the same time. It supports such screen projection protocols as Airplay, Miracast, DLNA, WIDI, BJCast and can provide SDK packages.On August 14, the new exhibition of Mingji Intelligent Business Projection was held in Beijing in 2019. Following the first generation of Intelligent Business Projector in 2016 and the perfect layout of E series products in 2017, BenQ has been upgraded iteratively and continues to lead the new era of Intelligent Business. This new product includes E580T, E540T, E520T and E320T. They have excellent all-platform wireless projection function, with strong flexibility and compatibility as the main features. They are not only competent for the full-scene full-time business meeting requirements, but also simple to operate, easy to use, and fully support fast sharing and interactive collaboration. They are to help the general use. Business tools to enhance efficiency and create value for households.

At the beginning of the press conference, Huang Renhong, general manager of Mingji China Products Department, took the lead in delivering a speech. Huang Renhong said that over the past 20 years, Mingji BenQ has always adhered to the on-demand intelligent road. On the one hand, it has deeply rooted in the business projection market segments, constantly listened to and grasped the needs of users. On the other hand, it has buried its head in the research of projection technology, continuously innovated in many aspects such as products, applications and solutions, and conquered the market with differentiation strategy. Field. Since 2009, when the first DLP projector topped the world market share, BenQ has won this honor for ten consecutive years. Along the way, Mingji Business Projection has helped countless corporate customers achieve rapid progress.

Once upon a time, we raced against time and competitors every day in pursuit of leading technology, hardware specifications and rational parameters, but over the past decade we have become increasingly aware that only what consumers really care about is most important. After in-depth interviews with thousands of customers, the analysis team provides medium-term and long-term trend prediction. Mingji believes that the emergence of endless multi-scenarios will inevitably push business projection towards intellectualization. The acceleration of 5G business, the support of big data and cloud computing, and the rapid development of more key technologies will create opportunities for the popularization of intelligent business projection. In addition, mass entrepreneurship, innovation, the rise of the new economy, younger employees and entrepreneurs, in the face of a freer work system, put forward more flexible collaboration needs, the projection of intelligent commerce is highly acceptable.

Continuing this topic, Duan Mu Xiaobin, director of Mingji China Projector Division, further introduced Mingji Intelligent Business Projection Development Strategy to the participants. According to reports, after observing the actual meeting scenes and analyzing users’behavior, Minki found that in the environment of increasing emphasis on interaction and collaboration, projector users are generally eager to get faster, more efficient and more user-friendly intelligent devices, so that they can get rid of daily wiring troubles, such as wireless screen projection or U-disk direct reading. In other ways, it will help to improve conference efficiency and productivity. To this end, Mingji BenQ set up a complete team of intelligent business projects four years ago, involving product development, production and manufacturing, marketing, design center and other functional departments, and closely invested in the development of intelligent business projectors.

In order to improve the response speed of the market and make full use of the superior resources of the supply chain, the Mingji Intelligent Business Projector has been completed in the mainland base from R&D and design to production and manufacture. This greatly shortens the product development cycle, and fully reflects the characteristics of flexibility, efficiency, agility and innovation. Therefore, after the first E500 Intelligent Business Projection became popular in 2016, Mingji was able to quickly launch more than ten E-series Intelligent Business Projectors in the following year, including the different positioning of classic quality models, luxury high-level models, short focus special models and so on. Duanmu Xiaobin pointed out that Intelligent Business Projection (IBP) is the arrow force shouldering the heavy responsibility of innovation and development. It is also a new business growth point for the rapid breakthrough of Mingji Business Projection. It is expected that it will also drive the common development of the whole industry value chain and truly enable future business.

In the third stage of the promulgation meeting, Zhang Yating, director of marketing department of Mingji projector products in China, introduced in detail the 2009 T series intelligent business projector which was concentratively presented. Their primary resolutions are 1080P, XGA, XGA and SVGA, and their brightness are 3500 lumens, 4000 lumens, 3600 lumens and 3600 lumens, respectively. The contrast is 12000:1. The biggest feature is to support real platform-wide wireless projection. Whether users use smartphones or tablets running iOS or Android systems, or laptops or PCs running macOS or Windows, they can now make wireless second shots to synchronize briefing content to the big screen as quickly as possible without installing driver software, which is a conference room revolution without smoke.

Admirably, the quality of its wireless transmission picture is no less than that of traditional wired connection, so business users can use it safely. Not only that, they are equipped with dual USB interfaces to support full-format U-disk direct reading, providing users with a second choice outside the wireless projection screen. The so-called real intelligence lies in knowing that users understand users. Mingji T series of new intelligent business projection products also bring four-screen and video conferencing functions. They can access four-channel content signals at the same time to facilitate business users to compare data, multi-document simultaneous demonstration, and even hold remote video conferencing. Users used to spend a lot of money on both hardware and software to achieve such functions, but now an intelligent business projector can do everything, and content switching does not require plug-and-pull connections, which is both easy and comfortable.

As the founder of intelligent business projection, Mingji BenQ not only intellectualizes business projection, but also commercializes it. Because only customized business projection can truly meet the actual needs of business users. Mingji T series is equipped with specially customized intelligent systems. It uses a carefully designed professional business startup interface and pre-installed carefully selected commercial APPs. It is very friendly for interactive office and conference collaboration. Its built-in 16G memory also facilitates users to expand their application capabilities. In other aspects, T-series intelligent business projection supports wireless Bluetooth output, mobile remote control, smarteco smart power-saving technology, all-glass optical lens, exquisite and elegant Y-shaped texture shell, etc. Every detail is polished to the extreme. Yes.

Whether it’s a traditional business meeting room or a flexible open space, whether it’s a supporter of the free part-time economy or a new entrepreneur who attaches importance to teamwork, Mingji T series of intelligent business projection products can provide excellent experience of seamless links and collaborative office, so that you can hold meetings as you like, really. Wireless conferencing promotes the whole scene. It can be predicted that in the future, with more and more diversified application scenarios, the post-90s or even post-00s will increasingly become a new force to promote economic development. Open-based intelligent business projection, which takes the lead and is full of firepower, will certainly be able to open up a broader market. Mingji Intelligent Business Projection has a bright future.

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