BiJie is the world’s leading manufacturer of wireless screen projection/wireless display/wireless mirror/wireless screencast products.It can support up to four user projection screens at the same time. It supports such screen projection protocols as Airplay, Miracast, DLNA, WIDI, BJCast and can provide SDK packages.Starting from Chengdu Station on July 9, the Symposium on Solutions for Modern Command Center and New Product Experience Exchange of “Multi-dimensional Alliance Intelligent Control of the Future” in 2019 will be shocked to open the China Regional Tour Exhibition. On Aug. 2, the seven-star hotel Wanda Ruihua held a grand exhibition in Wuhan. Hundreds of guests gathered in the hall and opened a luxury conference tour. On the scene of the exchange, JEO showed the audience a new generation of command center display and control solutions, as well as a new generation of intelligent conference display terminal products. The powerful and perfect screen display was highly recognized by the on-site guests.

At the opening speech, Mr. Hao Mingjun, Vice President of Lianjian Optoelectronics, expressed his deep greetings and warm welcome to the guests, deeply analyzed the market potential of China’s small space in the future, and demonstrated the comprehensive brand strength of the enterprise. As a trusted large screen supplier, Lianjian Optoelectronics always adhered to technology-driven innovation. The same industry continues to develop.


“Multi-dimensional Alliance Intelligent Control Future” 2019 Modern Command Center Solution Seminar and New Product Experience Exchange Conference in China Region Tour Wuhan Station invited important industry partners from central China region and even the whole country in security, public safety and other fields. Director of Joint Construction Optoelectronic Market shared high-score LED display to the audience. The solution demonstrates the technical advantages, application value and practical experience of the integrated solution of the modern command center. The scene is full of dry goods and applause is continuous.

The scene display part shows the application scenario of the modern command center. Compared with the traditional SMD lamp tube packaging technology, the Mini LED display adopts the multi-in-one array packaging method, which can easily achieve the spacing below 1.0mm, and has better ink consistency and color uniformity. Uniformity, super-high stability and nearly perfect display effect meet the display needs of modern command center. Visualization software, control and monitoring interactive systems are integrated to achieve efficient collaboration, high-definition visualization and multi-screen switching. The scene of command center is reproduced and the field guests experience a commander’s operational strategy. Xin’s pleasure.

METAGO Conference

The newly launched METAGO Intelligent Conference Display Terminal of Joint Optoelectronic Office Artifact also made a brilliant appearance at the meeting. The product has the functions of video conference, electronic whiteboard and wireless screen projection. It integrates writing, display and collaboration. The first appearance in Wuhan has aroused great interest of the guests on the spot and has come forward for consultation. Experienced an extremely efficient video conference.

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