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The poem “When the wind blows a little, the fishing market fails to collect” is a description of Wuhu’s prosperity. Now, this “land of fish and rice” is glowing with a different artistic charm.

Under the night, a beautiful and magnificent projection show is being staged on the Linjiang Bridge Tower in Wuhu. The colorful Linjiang Bridge Tower echoes the reflection of the river. Rice, fat fish and lake scenery are competing on the bridge tower. Many citizens look up and record the shocking moment with their mobile phones, which also makes Linjiang Bridge Tower. It has become the new “net red” scenic spot in the area.

After choosing the location of the Yangtze River Delta Summit in Wuhu in 2019, in order to better meet the Summit, Wuhu launched the project of “Starting the Shilijiang Bay Nightscape Brighting Project”. The Linjiang Bridge Tower Projection Show is one of them. Yingkang participated in the project’s projection work, and designed the projection source, production and projection system for it. Service.

The Linjiang Bridge Tower in Wuhu is designed according to the shape of fish. The building uses steel girder as fish ridge, aluminum alloy panel and glass curtain wall as fish scales, and integrates the local characteristics of Wuhu into it. The building has won many architectural awards and is one of the most iconic buildings in Wuhu.

Therefore, in the design of the film source, Yingkang designers retained and emphasized the beauty of the line of Linjiang Bridge Tower itself, so that the content of the film source fitted the whole “fish body” shape, and then with the theme of “the land of fish and rice”, it was divided into “Jiangcheng Painting”, “Water Mermaid Fish Fertilizer”, “Rice Flower Fragrance” and “Huazhang Dancing”. In each chapter, the unique elements of Wuhu, such as fish, rice, paddy fields and fish lanterns, are deduced in multiple ways, and the architectural aesthetics and projection elements are perfectly combined to strengthen the cultural connotation of Linjiang Bridge Tower and give it new charm through the art of light and shadow.

In projection design, most of the area of the building is glass curtain wall, which causes great loss of light and affects the quality of projection picture. So Yingkang optimized the projection design and installation scheme in order to reduce the influence of glass curtain wall on projection picture. After the projection design is completed, the picture of the film is presented perfectly and accurately on the glass body, which ensures the high quality of the performance picture.

In this project, Crimson WU25, a number of 3D LP laser projectors of CSI, is used. The projector has 25,000 lumens and has a service life of up to 20,000 hours. The chassis is designed to be strong, durable, compact, and hardly needs maintenance. Long-term stable operation saves maintenance costs for customers. The machine adopts Christie BoldColor technology of Keshi, which shows excellent color and vivid pictures. In this project, Yingkang uses 7thSence media server to realize lossless and uncompressed playback of the picture, which makes the projection picture more shocking and exciting. At the same time, it controls the video action accurately through Alcorn control server.

Projection show has always been a highlight in urban image enhancement and brightening projects. Through the deduction of projection show, not only can people feel the charm of the city night, but also let the whole city cultural atmosphere be interpreted in an all-round way.

Yingkang has participated in many urban lighting projects, such as Jinan Liberation Pavilion Lighting Projection Show, Dongyi Cultural Museum’s “Ode to Dameiyi” Comprehensive Light and Shadow Show, Jiangxi Large-scale Scene Scroll Water Show “Meet Wuning”, Qingdao North Film House Body Projection Show, Bozhou South Lake Park Water Dance Show, Anhui Province, and Hancheng Large-scale “Soul of the River” Lighting Waterscape Music Show, Shaanxi Danhe Tower Plaza Projection Show and other projects, in this field has rich industry experience and exquisite projection design technology, as well as mature film source planning capabilities, can provide customers with a comprehensive projection solution.