BiJie is the world’s leading manufacturer of wireless screen projection/wireless display/wireless mirror/wireless screencast products.It can support up to four user projection screens at the same time. It supports such screen projection protocols as Airplay, Miracast, DLNA, WIDI, BJCast and can provide SDK packages.

On September 14, the deep strategic cooperation conference of Skyworth & amp; Beautiful Home & amp; Smart Housekeeper “AIoT (AI + IoT) Home” was held in Dongguan, which is also the first “AIoT Home” model room of Skyworth in China, opening a new chapter of smart home solutions.

The first “AIoT Home” model has been built and the household appliances industry is gradually moving towards integration.

The strategic cooperation is a new attempt for Skyworth AIoT to enter the field of smart home decoration. As the pioneer of AIoT, Skyworth, relying on its own products and technological advantages, unites with leading household enterprises, and as a provider of smart home solutions, empowers the household space. This time, Skyworth United Beautiful Home for kitchen, bedroom and other different family life scene areas launched five sets of meals, including smart TV, smart door lock, smart curtain motor, smart air conditioning, so that consumers can be in the model room. Experience the diversified new mode of home shopping. Visitors at Skyworth’s “AIoT Home” model can say simple voice wake-up words through on-site signs. The product can respond instantly. The operation process is convenient and full of technological interest.

In the age of interconnection of all things, household appliances have been combined with household decoration. In this context, Skyworth, as an explorer, will integrate WiFi devices with smart appliances to provide users with a more complete smart home solutions. The successful landing of the “AIoT” model not only breaks through the previous sales mode of Skyworth products, but also combines the self-service of the Beautiful Home Service Center, providing users with a comfortable and free experience consumption scenario, meeting the users’needs for self-selection and set meal customization.

Swaiot Small Wisdom Alliance has succeeded in realizing a truly interconnected ecosystem

At present, the AIoT industry has begun to take shape, but the difficulty of AIoT landing is still a pain point for many enterprises. Skyworth upholds an open mind and successfully realizes the real interconnected ecosystem through Swaiot Xiaowei Zhilian. Swaiot Small Wisdom Alliance is an open large-screen AIoT ecosystem. It can not only access the smart devices of Chuangwei’s own brand, but also support the connection of other third-party brand smart devices. It effectively realizes the function of “screen interconnection and interoperability” among smart devices. Through Swaiot Small Wisdom Alliance, users can easily connect and control smart home ecosystems, such as smart kitchen and bathroom systems, smart refrigerators and laundry systems, lighting systems, etc.

Wang Zhiguo said that the arrival of 5G technology has become the basis for large-scale home use of AIoT equipment. The era of television as a pure imaging carrier will end, and the era of home Internet of Things with TV as the “super intelligent host” has begun. In the strong cooperation between Skyworth and Beautiful Home, Skyworth will further improve the ecological layout of smart home and move towards the goal of the overall solution provider of smart home.