BiJie is the world’s leading manufacturer of wireless screen projection/wireless display/wireless mirror/wireless screencast products.It can support up to four user projection screens at the same time. It supports such screen projection protocols as Airplay, Miracast, DLNA, WIDI, BJCast and can provide SDK packages.With Hisense S7, TV is no longer a cold screen, but an omnipotent family social entertainment intelligence center. On August 19, nearly 200 mainstream Chinese science and technology media journalists, digital talent and film critics experimented with HiTable’s S7 series of new products in Beijing Community. They tried out the full-scene voice, AIoT and smart-wave technology that only Haixin TV can achieve at present.

Hisense Social Television has created a variety of large-screen social entertainment experiences, such as six-way video chat, chat while watching and sharing the projection hall. Six-way video chat can make relatives and friends everywhere turn on the TV at any time to meet and chat, and make TV a new platform for family gathering. The experience of watching and chatting while watching makes it a new way of social life to "watch drama chat with my girlfriend and watch ball chat with my buddies".

The shared projection Hall of Hisense Social Television supports Big V certification, and the certified Big V can invite fans to watch the theatre together in the projection hall. The number of fans is unlimited. This functional design has attracted the attention of many film companies. Cloud publishing and cloud Premiere of social TV content will become a new choice of content publicity, and fans and Aidou Drama will become a new application scenario.

3D Avatar K song, AI fitness and AI visual consultant are the new living room scenes developed by Hisense Social TV. Through 3D Avatar K song, you can go to Tokyo, Paris or even Mars outer space scene K song, and invite friends online Lianmai K song in 5G environment. Using AI fitness function, under the guidance of AI body posture and movement correction, horsehair line can also be practiced in the living room.

Haixin Social TV "AI Visual Consultant" has more powerful functional experience. Voice says "eggplant" to TV, and with a victory gesture, TV can take pictures for you. Say "Who do I look like" to the TV, and it will help you to measure your face and find out the most like star faces. With the help of AI visual consultants, TV can also help you dress, provide personalized terminal services such as calorie detection, garbage sorting guidance, etc.

Hisense Social Television can interact with intelligent air conditioners, refrigerators, curtains and other smart devices dynamically, making home life more intelligent and simple. It can also interact with the size of the screen of the mobile phone. It can also make the mobile phone into a smart remote control as an entry point for TV use, and also make the mobile phone a window for TV to meet relatives and friends. Port, using mobile phone to call social TV can avoid receiving video access, so that you can see the home status at any time when you are not home and provide remote assistance through TV.

Six-way video chat, shared projection hall, 3D Avatar K song, AI fitness, AI visual consultant, multi-screen interaction, future living hall, AIOT smart home control… These unprecedented scenario experiences will make social TV a new consumer trend, and further strengthen Hisense as a display and application service provider. Contact with home users. At present, Hisense has 45.58 million active subscribers worldwide, including 9.53 million overseas subscribers, and has established a global content operation center covering Asia, Europe, America and Australia to provide unified AI and services for global users.

According to the introduction, Hisense Social Television is equipped with the industry’s first and only dual-drive interactive system with dual AI SoC architecture, 5T AI computing capability and unique U+super-quality engine. The painting quality and performance are excellent. The flagship version of 55-inch Social Television S7E sells for 6499 yuan, and the standard version of 55-inch Social Television S7 sells for 4999 yuan. From now on, we can make an appointment for purchase on the domestic e-commerce platform and off-line Shanghai Television counters.