BiJie is the world’s leading manufacturer of wireless screen projection/wireless display/wireless mirror/wireless screencast products.It can support up to four user projection screens at the same time. It supports such screen projection protocols as Airplay, Miracast, DLNA, WIDI, BJCast and can provide SDK packages.Nut Intelligent Projection, which is renowned for its innovative ability in the film industry and market reputation, has played a new trick this time. On August 4, it launched a new product, Nut G7S, which continues the classic round shape of nuts in appearance, but performs a great "revolution" in color, changing the projection product conventions to black and black. Silver as the main tone of the "straight man wind", choose "Haoyue White" and "live coral orange" two or simple or fashionable tones, visual impact is strong.

Nut G7S Intelligent Projection

Color Revolution Plays Young Life

Consumer tastes are becoming more and more "tricky", requiring not only good use of hardware products, but also good looks. The rise of "value economy" is also forcing major brands to pay more attention to product design, and products can show the taste and personality of users.

Nut G7 sweeps the 1080P smart projection market within 3,000 yuan, firmly occupies the opportunity of the sales champion for more than a year. Nut G7S reassembles, the goal is to let consumers "start with facial value, fall into experience, and devote themselves to quality".

Nut G7S is divided into Haoyue White and Living Coral Orange. Its top is painted with all metal and its side is acoustical fabric. The top breathing lamp can be automatically switched according to the machine’s working condition, such as red when standby, white when used and blue when connected to Bluetooth. Haoyue white body tends to Nordic minimalist style, which can match the current mainstream home wear. Living Coral Orange is the popular color of PANTONE in 2019. It is cheerful and bright, which can keep people happy. It can also collide with a variety of colors to create a fashionable feeling. It is loved by young people.

Far-field AI Intelligent Voice Watch "Move Your Mouth and Don’t Hand"

Nut G7S carries the unique far-field AI voice function of Nut. It is developed jointly with Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, which is the world’s leading AI laboratory. The leading technology of intelligent voice is more suitable for large-screen products such as projection.

Far-field AI voice means that "nuts" can be waked up within 5 meters of the machine, and voice commands can be handed down directly. It does not need to speak to the remote control like other near-field voices. Once the remote control is lost, the voice ability seems to be invalid and belongs to the technology that will soon be eliminated. 。

After waking up with "Nut Nut", the command "Volume Add to 50" can be issued to adjust the volume increase and decrease, the "Full Screen Play" can change the playing state, the "Fast Forward to 4:56 seconds" can achieve fast Forward and Fast Forward, and the "How’s the weather today" can be used to answer questions and questions, even the "fart" can be achieved, so as to be true. Intelligence. At the same time, the far-field AI intelligent voice of nuts can also be self-learning, and the user’s tuning can teach some new dialogues, which are becoming more and more "smart" day by day.

In terms of configuration, nuts G7S is also solid enough: all-metal roof texture is more durable, high-transparency glass lens is more wear-resistant and heat-resistant, 1080P full-HD resolution + 700ANSI fluorescent high-brightness direct white wall clear view, 2G + 16G large storage, etc., can bring superior film experience.

Starting on August 5, G7S nuts were booked simultaneously on Tianmao and Jingdong e-commerce platforms, with a small supply of Live Coral Orange and limited sales of Haoyue Bai. Both "color numbers" could be snatched by hand. Reservation + purchase can get 3D glasses. Participants also have the opportunity to get rich prizes such as shoulder bags, triangular brackets, membership cards, portable small fans, movie tickets and so on.