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Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus infection in the country, an epidemic prevention and control campaign has been officially launched, which has a bearing on the health and life of people throughout the country. As a global leading provider of LED application products and solutions, Zhouming resolutely implements the central strategic deployment, while doing well in its own epidemic prevention and control work, gives full play to the advantages of enterprise products and resources, actively organizes and mobilizes employees to participate in epidemic prevention and control around the world, and makes every effort to prevent and control the epidemic.

Zhouming emergency rescue visualization software system

Provide big data support for epidemic prevention and control

With long-term efforts in intelligent emergency, emergency rescue and other fields, Zhouming has realized the application of self-developed emergency rescue visualization software system and solutions in relevant organizations such as national governments, emergency management departments, medical institutions, etc. The solution is based on the small space LED display system of Zhouming, combined with the big data and basic information of the emergency rescue command center, and has the prominent features of command and early warning, daily rescue, multi system integration, multi screen collaboration, etc., and is committed to building the LED display screen of the emergency rescue command center into a practical support platform integrating command and dispatching, information display.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, Zhouming organized personnel to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Yinchuan, Shenyang, Dalian and other places for overtime work to provide 24-hour on-site support for the Zhouming intelligent screen and emergency rescue visualization software system of the State Council’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters, local governments, epidemic prevention and control command center and other epidemic prevention and control units, so as to ensure that the epidemic information is comprehensive and dynamic State presentation, provide data support for the latest decision-making and deployment of epidemic prevention and control, achieve unified command and precise scheduling of epidemic prevention and control, and help the national epidemic prevention and control.

Command center of national emergency management department

With the cooperation of Zhouming and other relevant units, Zhouming emergency rescue visualization software system provides the latest real-time epidemic data and progress for the epidemic prevention and control command center through the visual display of the local epidemic situation, including the local epidemic situation, major epidemic events, emergency duty personnel, emergency supplies, medical unit beds and other data 7 × 24 hours real-time Dynamic monitoring of expected changes; data updating through association with epidemic map; dynamic updating and display of big data of local population flow, data of epidemic medical materials in place, local public opinion trends, epidemic prevention measures taken and evaluation results based on epidemic development; setting early warning values for various quality control indicators, through analysis and judgment of quality control indicators, the control of critical values is realized And timely put forward early warning and intervention, effectively improving the efficiency of local CDC, medical institutions and government epidemic prevention and control.

Epidemic emergency center of Emergency Management Department of Guangdong Province

Relying on advanced products and active personnel deployment, Zhouming emergency rescue visualization software system plays an obvious role in epidemic prevention and control.  

Zhouming smart conference system

Remote office and epidemic prevention and control

With the continuous spread of the epidemic, in the face of the coming trend of rework, how to effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic caused by the accumulation of personnel has become the first-class difficulty at present. In this context, the LED conference integrated machine and intelligent conference system developed by Zhouming will provide technical support for remote office of government and enterprise units. Zhouming led conference machine has the characteristics of ultra light, ultra-thin and easy to install. It only takes two people four hours to complete the installation and put into use, without other equipment and complex construction; one key start, 10 seconds to launch the conference, which can quickly realize the business development of remote office of government and enterprise units.

Zhouming intelligent conference system is based on Zhouming led conference integrated machine, focusing on conference light environment, immersive experience, information sharing, multi-party interconnection and other conference needs, which can realize intelligent functions such as face check-in, intelligent writing, synchronous annotation, split screen display, multi screen interaction, remote video conference, etc., and meet the user’s and department’s remote conference and business discussion , demonstration and other comprehensive business requirements. Through the smart conference system of Zhouming, people can meet or discuss problems at home, office, hotel or anywhere without gathering together, so as to effectively reduce the chance of virus transmission.

At the same time, Zhouming led conference machine can also play an important role in epidemic prevention and control. After installation, the LED integrated machine can play all kinds of high-definition pictures and videos, which are used to publicize the information of epidemic prevention and control; it can also be used with video conference system to conduct multi-party remote video conference, which supports multi-party medical staff, patients and commanders to display the video images at the same time. On the one hand, it can reduce on-site meetings, facilitate the relevant personnel to transmit instant information, and improve the remote work efficiency; On the other hand, remote diagnosis can be carried out to analyze and confirm the suspected condition, so as to help the medical staff win the prevention and control of the epidemic!

Fighting the epidemic

Zhou Ming is always with you

At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is still severe. In order to further support the national epidemic prevention and control work, Zhouming will donate Zhouming led conference machine (utviii Series) and emergency rescue visualization software system to hospitals and epidemic prevention units in need. Zhou Ming will continue to pay attention to the spread of the epidemic, unite with the people of the whole country, unite as one, do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and at the same time, make every effort to make contributions to the prevention and control of the epidemic in various effective ways, including cash, materials, equipment donations and personnel support, as always!