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With the gradual acceleration of scientific and technological innovation in China, more and more cities have joined the ranks of wisdom building. In mid-August this year, the Yinchuan Smart City Operations and Management Command Center, which was built by Zhou Ming, completed the overall construction and began to put into trial operation. In September, it became one of the key visiting places for the leaders of the participating countries in the “China-Arab Exposition” of 2019 in Yinchuan. The high-definition display and function display effect of Zhouming Daping screen were highly evaluated by the leaders.

(Pictures quoted from Zhou Ming’s official website)

Yinchuan Intelligent City Operational Management Command Center is a smart platform of operation management which integrates digital Yinchuan, urban governance and emergency command, and is the center of the construction of Intelligent Yinchuan. From the beginning of receiving the task, Zhou Ming cooperated with the scene at the fastest speed. It only took more than 20 days to complete the whole process of production, transportation, installation, commissioning and putting into use.

Zhou Ming has equipped UHP 1.2 high-definition display and large-screen display and control system for Yinchuan City Operations and Management Command Center with a total area of 133.9 square meters. The application of seamless stitching, multi-screen image processing, signal switching and other technologies can realize multi-signal access display and flexible switching of command center with high scores of smart city. Visualization software platform and large data analysis technology can visually and real-time display many key indicators of urban operation, and fully realize full coverage, whole process and all-weather urban operation management.

(Pictures quoted from the official website of Zhou Ming)

In daily operation, the command center can manage and coordinate the data of Yinchuan’s public security, transportation, medical treatment and other municipal systems, so as to realize the fine management of the city. Up to now, the command center has accessed the data of 32 systems of 28 committees and bureaus in Yinchuan City, and has built eight scenarios, such as urban development panorama, industrial economy, government services, I Yinchuan (one-way network) portal, civilized city creation, comprehensive supervision and law enforcement, emergency command and so on.

Under the emergency joint command mode, the command center can handle emergencies, support tasks and early warning events 24 hours and 24 hours a day, and carry out centralized command, unified dispatch, joint disposal and the whole process supervision.

Under the wave of smart city construction, Zhou Ming will continue to study technology deeply, break through innovation, use LED technology to promote the wisdom construction of more cities, so that citizens can enjoy a higher level of overall urban governance ability, and enhance the happiness of more people’s lives!