BJ80 multi-screen collaborative intelligent terminal and OPS Touch all-in-one need only one data cable connection

BJ80 multi-screen cooperative intelligent terminal is specialized in providing management and control interaction software and control API interface of Windows terminal. It only needs one data cable to connect BJ80 multi-screen cooperative intelligent terminal and OPS touch all-in-one computer, which can synchronize linkage display and freely switch the display screen, convenient and flexible. The interactive management software is installed on the Windows terminal. The suspension window provides functions of one-click broadcasting, same-screen content display, and screen projection device configuration.

Product networking description:

Single screen OPS+ Bijie intelligent collaboration terminal
Dual screen OPS+ Bijie intelligent collaboration terminal

Interactive Classroom – Single screen +BJ80

Interactive Classroom – Dual screen +BJ80

Functional advantages of OPS products:

Keep the OPS computer working mode, teachers use the same habits.
Screen projection and interactive functions are based on hardware boxes to avoid conflicts between interactive software and teaching software and reduce OPS load.
The interactive operation is based on OPS and BJapp, without switching the HDMI signal source of OPS all-in-one.
Teachers and students’ mobile phones and computers can share the screen without installing software.
Supports third-party integration and interconnection development, and provides easy integration WebSocket interface.