Bring Wireless Collaboration into Your Meetings

Bringing the right tools into play can make all the difference to create positive meeting environments. Today, an enterprise wireless display technology solution can play a significant role to make meetings more productive by enabling wireless collaboration. It’s clear that enabling everyone to see and engage with the same information brings true collaboration— but also a unified sense of direction and purpose. It’s a definite win for everyone.

What is Wireless Collaboration?

In simple terms, wireless collaboration is the process of two or more people working together to present and share content to and from a larger display using wireless technology.

But wireless collaboration is about more than just the technology wirelessly connecting devices. Consider all the reasons why people wirelessly collaborate: to encourage discussion, interaction, connection, exploration, and innovation—and to improve productivity and engagement.

How to Properly Go Wireless for smart meeting room

Mobile workforces, open floor plans, huddle rooms, co-working spaces, and IoT have all impacted the modern office in different ways, but a pretty agreed upon improvement in workplace culture and design has been a focus on collaboration.

Digital signage displays have become the cornerstone of that collaboration, acting as the canvas for content to live and breathe. One of the biggest inhibitors for digital displays, though, is the wire. Having to wire-in a device to display on a larger more collaborative screen creates roadblocks to that very collaboration