BYOD – Bijie BYOD Wireless Conference Screen Projection

With the widespread use of mobile intelligent devices, more and more employees in enterprises hope to use personal computers for work. BYOD has gradually become a popular office model in enterprises. However, the emergence of new models has put forward new demands for enterprises.

In meetings, traditional wiring methods, due to the use of different personal devices, cause problems such as interface incompatibility, excessive wiring, and conference information security for enterprises. How to create modern wireless conference scenes has become a hot topic of concern for enterprises.

As a safe and simple wireless projection device for conference rooms, Bijie Wireless Projection Box stands out among many wireless projection products on the market with its unique performance, becoming the best choice for enterprises to create wireless conferences.

Due to the use of most personal devices, facing projectors or conference tablets in the conference room, the connection methods of each device are different. In actual use, it not only causes inconvenience to employees, but also invisibly increases the workload of IT personnel.

Bijie can complete wireless screen mirroring between various devices and large screens with just one button. After connecting the wireless screen projector to the large screen, Android users only need to open the built-in wireless screen mirroring box of their phone or tablet when using it. Apple users can directly use the built-in screen mirroring, while Windows users only need to plug the USB button into their computer. Complete the screen mirroring operation within 1 minute of initial use, followed by a quick 30 second screen mirroring for subsequent use.