Can a mobile phone project a screen projector?

After we buy the projector back, in the usual work communication, we may also need to show the content on the mobile phone to others to watch through the projector, then what is the specific operation? Let’s see, it’s not that complicated!

The first: wireless projection screen

The condition required for wireless projection is that the display device must support the wireless projection function, and the wireless network must be stable enough.

1. Turn on the projector, find the wireless projection screen, and turn on the [Wi-Fi Display] function. The setup will vary depending on the projector, but they’re all pretty much the same.

2. Turn on the mobile phone wifi, search for the wifi signal from the TV/projector, find and click the wifi to establish a connection. Once the connection is successfully established, the picture on the phone can be projected directly onto the TV/projector.


Wireless screen projection is more convenient, but there are more limited conditions, must be in the same wifi environment, and the device must support wireless screen projection function can be used.

Moreover, the wireless projection screen is more likely to have a picture delay, if you are just used for office, watching movies is fine, if the game screen delay, it is estimated to be a disaster!

At the same time, if the TV and projector themselves do not support wireless screen projection function, it can only be projected through a wired connection.