Can Nreal Air Smart Glasses Connect to a computer? How do I connect to a Dell computer

As an ancient saying goes, “One cannot see Mount Tai without a leaf”, which describes that a small leaf covering one’s eyes can also cover the tall Mount Tai in front of one’s eyes. Today, technology offers us the opposite: a virtual world that can be seen before our eyes through a tiny pair of lenses.

While smartphones have opened the door to the mobile Internet, AIoT and the Internet of Everything depict a future crammed with smart device screens. And AR has proven to the world that you can go anywhere with just one (right) screen per person. AR technology, which is expected to become the next generation computing platform and represent the last piece of human screen, is undoubtedly pursued by the technology industry.

Nreal is the first consumer AR eyewear brand in the world, and also the first manufacturer in the industry to make glasses not like a “helmet”. During the years of struggle in the overseas market, Nreal has cooperated deeply with many head operators in Korea, Japan, Europe and North America. It has been highly praised by Forbes, BBC, CES, iF, Vodafone and other media, organizations and operators.

The Nreal Air connection requires a full-featured Type-C port on a smartphone, so the glasses won’t fit all Android phones. Therefore, it is recommended that you wear a Bijet AR00 portable screen projector, which can easily project the screen no matter what Type of smartphone, PC or tablet you are.

WiDi screen projection mode is a wireless screen projection display function of laptop computers with Window8 and window10 systems. AR00 convenient wireless screen projector is compatible with WiDi screen projection protocol. Ensure that the PC and the screen projection device are on the same LAN. Users can perform screen projection without installing any software or hardware.

  1. Click the notification bar at the lower right corner of the computer display and click Connect. Or press the shortcut key “Win” + “K” to bring up the screen projection interface.

  2. The system automatically scans the wireless display device, selects the display device that needs screen projection, and clicks Connect to start screen projection.