Can the

smart classroom be compatible with the traditional teaching mode of teachers in the process of use? This is a problem that many users worry about when choosing smart classroom solutions. Today, Bijie Internet will answer this question with you.

smart classroom, as its name suggests, is a new teaching application scenario that does not rely on traditional blackboards and chalk, but on computers, mobile phones, wireless projection screens and interactive screens. Among the smart classroom solutions, the smart classroom solution provided by Bijie Network Co., Ltd. is an interactive teaching application scenario based on byod, which can make teachers and students more flexible and convenient courseware and teaching demonstration, and make teaching more vivid.

does the smart classroom conflict with traditional teaching? The answer is no conflict. As a new teaching auxiliary tool, smart classroom was born to let teachers and students get a better teaching and learning experience. Simply imagine that the teacher can greatly reduce the writing time in the classroom by relying on the pre prepared courseware display in teaching, shorten the few minutes of drawing geometric figures to a few seconds, and shorten the ten minutes of experimental operation demonstration to a few minutes. All these prove that the smart classroom is a unique auxiliary to traditional teaching.

smart classrooms have also brought a healthier and safer teaching environment. Fewer lines make the classroom cleaner, and no extra lines make the ground uneven, reducing the probability of children tripping and avoiding the hidden danger of electric leakage; At the same time, there is no dust impact caused by chalk writing, which reduces the possibility of teachers and students suffering from respiratory diseases, and makes the whole classroom full of scholarly fragrance rather than dust.

not only that, smart classroom can make your classroom live, share knowledge and make the future full of hope. This is the charm of smart classroom solutions. With so many advantages, how can smart classroom not be suitable for traditional teaching?