Can Windows PC wirelessly project the screen to Windows PC through the Bijie box

“Yes! Just connect our [wireless projection] device to the main computer case via an HDMI cable.”

“The notebook can not be so connected, all the notebooks whether VGA or HDMI interface, are output interface, and can not do signal input. But laptop, mobile phone, tablet, all belong to the class of intelligent system, need to install the receiver software, with our device [wireless screen projection], is able to do the Windows computer to each other.”

“With our must-get projection box. First of all: two laptops, one to download and install pc client, the other connected to the wireless conference box, wireless projection box with network cable, connected to a router, the purpose of this step is to keep the devices in the same LAN; “

“USB button is point-to-point projection screen, the receiving end box is directly connected with the display screen, and then the USB press on the line, but your side of the display is a notebook, previously said, notebook can not be connected by HDMI cable to do the receiving end, if your display is all-in-one, TV, that of course can use the USB key mode.”

Scene mode: A U-shaped conference room with 10 people, a large screen, and each participant has a tablet. The presenter can present in front of the screen or give a speech on his or her own tablet, while the rest of the participants can stare at the tablet instead of looking up at the screen.

In this scenario mode, the transmitter is downloaded and installed on each tablet, and then on the same LAN as the wireless projection screen. The wireless projection box is connected to the large screen. Whoever is the presenter will be able to project the content on the tablet to the big screen and broadcast the AP to other people’s tablets.

“Then we first double-click the client on the receiving computer and send A connection request to the wireless projection box. In this way, we can realize the wireless projection from the sending laptop A to the laptop B.”