A friend asked our online customer service: “does wireless display have no network to use?”

I can responsible to tell you: the premise of wireless display is in the same LAN environment, even if without the network, it can also be used normally.

Wireless display does not need network

Wireless display is just an interactive process from small screen to large screen. BiJie interactive meeting box can be used with or without Internet, so please rest assured that if you have any questions, you can consult our online customer service or contact us directly by telephone. Any contact information on our official website is OK.

The use of interactive wireless display without network

1. Mobile display without network

The receiver box of the wireless  display of BiJie Internet has its own AP hotspot. Even if there is no company network, our mobile phone can still connect to 4G and 5G network. The mobile phone can use the external network and display wirelessly at the same time.
The receiving terminal box of the wireless display is connected with the large screen through HDMI cable;
Turn on WiFi and select WiFi name of wireless display to connect;
The mobile phone uses its own wireless display function [Android mobile phone comes with wireless display, apple mobile phone is called screen mirror].

2. Computer display without network
If there is no network, at this time, we only need to connect the receiving box of the wireless display with the large screen through HDMI cable. When the  light is on, we can realize the wireless  display.