Using mobile phone to cast screen is a very popular way to watch video. During the Spring Festival epidemic in 2020, the whole Chinese people are isolated at home, chasing TV dramas, and online classes become a daily repetition. Many people are using the wireless display function.

But here comes the question. Many people in the mobile phone display, almost all encounter the problem that they can’t find TV, set-top box and projector.

Reason 1. WiFi and router itself have problems

If you have a signal amplifier in your home, don’t connect your TV phone to WiFi.

Make sure the TV is plugged in, unplug the cable and connect to WiFi.

It may be that your router has opened isolation. You need to log in to the routing background and turn off the AP isolation switch.

If the TV must be plugged into the network cable, don’t connect to the switch, but should connect to the router that transmits WiFi.

Reason 2. Maybe the TV itself has no screen projection function

So mobile phones can’t find TV. How to judge whether the TV can cast the screen? Generally, smart TV will have the function of wireless display. If not, you can use the interactive box to achieve display.