Car to achieve on-board projection screen solutions

Solution 1: Connect the phone screen to the car screen via MHL cable (mainly for Android phones)

  1. The phone needs to support MHL, which is currently available on most Android smartphones.

2, the car has HDMI interface.

  1. An MHL cable is needed, which is a high-definition audio and video standard interface for mobile terminals. The MHL function can simultaneously transmit video signals and audio signals in mobile phones to external display devices.

Connection mode

By connecting the MHL cable to both the USB port of the phone and the HDMI port of the car, the screen can be automatically mapped and the phone will be projected to the car screen in a few seconds. If nothing happens, restart the phone.

In addition: in addition to using the car screen to play mobile phone videos, music, but also can project the navigation on the phone to the screen, the navigation on the phone is much easier than the navigation on the car, directly projection screen without car mobile phone bracket. If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can also play music directly from your phone by connecting your car with an MHL cable.

Solution 2: Connect the phone to the car screen via CarPlay system (iPhone only)

CarPlay is an Apple product, so it can only be used on iPhone.

It’s also easy to connect. Just plug the USB end of your Apple cable into the car port, then the Lighting port into your phone, and your iPhone will remind you to turn on siri and the car will automatically start CarPlay. But siri is so stupid!