Cellphone screen projection is so simple

Watching TV series and movies on mobile phones is not good, going to the cinema is a huge expense and the air quality is poor, today teach you a way, mobile phone one-click screen projection to the TV at home, just 2 steps to get it done, at home can also enjoy the theater-level movie watching effect.

IPhone screen

Below we will demonstrate the operation method of the Apple phone to cast the screen to the TV, first of all, the function is brought by the phone, to ensure that the phone and the display in the same WiFi connection state.

1. Screen mirroring

Then we call up the control center, click the screen mirror option, click it can automatically search for nearby smart devices, and connect, and then select the movie to play, a second small screen to a larger screen.

Universal screen projection method

2. Screen projection tool

Of course, not all mobile phones support the screen function, so if you want to watch movies at home, you can use the wireless box to support mobile TV wireless screen.

The tool supports wired screen projection + wireless screen projection, and the description of the operation steps is very detailed.

Scan screen projection: Directly scan screen projection one-click connection. Screen casting code Screen casting: When it is not convenient to scan the code, the screen casting code screen casting mode, the input number can also be quickly connected.

3. Wired projection screen

Wired screen is a more traditional way, but also a more versatile way, only with the help of a converter, you can realize the connection between the mobile phone and the TV.

Transfer cable requirements: Data cable with type-C and HDMI interface.

Android phone screen

In fact, whether it is an Android phone or an Apple phone, although different systems, but the way to cast the screen is much the same. Android phone screen is called smart screen, let’s look at the operation.

4, smart screen

First of all, we click Settings, and then find the smart screen function, click the local media screen, automatically pop up a small window, find the name of your TV, connect, mobile video can be played on the TV!

5. Player screen projection

If you use the player to watch movies, such as Tencent video, iQiyi, Mango TV, etc., this player has its own one-click screen projection function. Directly click the screen projection function on the mobile page, and then connect to the TV to play.