conference room is the embodiment of the internal image of a company. How can smart office system solutions be less than transforming the conference room? Today, let’s learn about the advantages of intelligent conference room. In




enterprises, various meetings are often held in the conference room. In order to meet the needs of different scenes, it is necessary to debug the lighting of the meeting. At the same time, the audio equipment and display equipment also need to be debugged accordingly, which is a waste of time.

after introducing the smart office system into the conference room, earth shaking changes will take place. Users can easily and quickly control lighting, sound, player, display screen, projector and other conference room equipment. Through the system, no scene mode is configured according to different environmental needs. Just click the control system interface and switch with one button, the conference room can be transformed into conference room, film review room, cinema and other purposes, which can fully meet the needs of enterprises.

at the same time, through the intelligent office system solution, it is convenient to turn on and off all lights in the conference room, adjust brightness, air conditioning switch, curtain lifting, shutter angle adjustment, etc. in the conference room and other intelligent key panels. By installing human body sensor in the conference room, it can realize the function of someone automatically turning on the light and air conditioner and no one turning off, so as to save the cost of the enterprise. In addition, multiple lighting circuits are set in the conference room, and different scenes can be set in the intelligent key panel according to needs, such as admission scene, projection scene, playback scene, conference scene, rest scene, adjournment scene, full opening scene, etc. as long as you touch the panel, you can easily switch between various scenes when needed.

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