Check out the iphone Screen to mac tutorial

More and more people are using iphone and mac, but the screen projection function stumps most new users. Many users of iPhone and Mac still don’t know how to screen from iPhone to mac, which is actually very simple. Curious users immediately click to view iphone screen to mac tutorial to achieve this sense of technological innovation.

Method 1: Use a data cable

    1. Connect an iPhone to a Mac using lightning cable.
    1. Open QuickTime on Mac.

— 3. Select iPhone as the video source inside and you can see the real-time image;

Method 2: Using airplay

    1. The Air play server server must be installed on Mac.
    1. Enable the service after the installation is complete.

— 3. Select airplay in iPhone Control Center to see Mac;

    1. The two devices must be connected to the same WiFi network.