Classroom projection, smart classroom wireless projection and multi screen interactive solution,

with the improvement of teaching reform and teaching needs, the single touch function of touch screen can no longer meet the actual requirements of teaching, such as wireless projection, multi screen interaction, real-time broadcasting, arbitrary screen control, arbitrary personnel projection and other functions have been comprehensively applied to the current multimedia classroom.

one teacher main screen + four student auxiliary screens, a total of five large touch screens need to be displayed synchronously, and the classroom can operate on the main screen, and then carry out multi screen teaching.

1 and 5 display screens, so 5 sets of wireless projectors are required. Then, connect the 5 sets of wireless projectors to the large display screen with HDMI cable, and hide the wireless projectors behind the all-in-one machine;

2. Network cable deployment: because the classroom is designed with a network cable interface reserved beside the large screen, it is directly connected to the wireless projector with the network cable.

3 or 5 sets of wireless projectors for one host and multicast settings.

realize the function

1. Multi screen interactive

teachers can operate all display screens, and teachers can connect to the main screen with computers and mobile phones for normal teaching activities. It can realize the touch return function, that is, the handwriting and annotation of the teacher’s touch screen will be returned to the computer, and the computer screen will be controlled reversely.

2. Multi screen display

teacher screen and each group screen display the same content synchronously.

3. Host mode

teachers can operate the upper screen, lower screen and full screen directly on the large screen or on their own computers and mobile phones.

4. Multi screen display

teachers can only display students’ screens. Generally, four students’ screens are compared on five display screens.

5. Students can independently cast the screen on the sub screen.

students can independently cast the screen on the display screen of the assignment group.