A friend left a message on the official website of Bijie: “what are the methods of computer display to TV?” Today, I’d like to share with you some common ways to display the computer screen to the TV, hoping to help you.

1. Cable display: use HDMI cable to connect the computer and TV, then turn on the TV signal source and select the corresponding signal source. This method may encounter that the computer does not have HDMI interface in practical application.

2. Software display: search and install display software on the computer, and ensure that the computer and TV (TV must be smart TV) are in the same network environment. At present, there are many kinds of computer display to  TV software on the market, and the application scenarios are mostly different, and the needs are also more troublesome.

3. Wireless display: the interactive box is a very easy-to-use wireless projection device. It supports applications in any scene. The display method is also quite simple. As soon as you see it, you just need to connect the interactive box to the TV, then turn on the display function of the computer, find the ID of the interactive box, and click the connection to wirelessly display the content of the computer to the TV 。