Yesterday, a friend left a message on the official website of Bijie: “how to operate the computer wireless display to XiaoMi TV.”

The user’s demand is to put the screen content of one computer onto four XiaoMi TVs at the same time. The user’s 4 sets of XiaoMi TV are in different rooms. Considering that each set of XiaoMi TV has the characteristics of network cable, we recommend the cable multicast scheme to the user.

Advantages of wired multicast:
With the development of wireless display technology, the future of wireless display market will be complex conference scenarios and diversification.

Cable multicast scheme:

Connect each BiJie wireless display device with XiaoMi TV through HDMI cable;
Plug the network cable originally connected to the millet TV into the wireless display box, or add an additional shunt device to connect the XiaoMi TV and the wireless display box to the network;

Set the wireless display box connected with the computer to the main screen as the signal sending terminal;

The computer starts the app of signal sending end, and the computer screen is projected to the main screen, and the other three XiaoMi TVs are also displayed on the same screen.