computer projection, how can windows10 wireless projection

win10 wireless projection can hold meetings and watch videos. How do you operate it? Let’s take a look at how


win10 turn on the screen projection function. This item is based on the fact that our computer’s graphics card and network card support the miracast screen projection protocol, which is currently supported by Android phones and computer systems above win8.

1. First enter the menu, click the “setting” button, and select the system in the pop-up setting window.

2. Click and select “project to this computer” in the list and set the projection on the right side of the window.

3. On the “Settings” page, ensure that the mobile phone and the computer are in the same WiFi. On the open Settings page, click the “more connections” menu item, and click the “wireless projection” option in the connection mode.

4. Turn on the “wireless display” option, and then you can see the computer name “dot” on the mobile phone. Click the computer name


5. At this time, a “connection” prompt window will pop up in the lower right corner of the computer, click OK, and the blue screen effect of “about to be projected” will appear on the computer, and the mobile phone will show that the connection is successful. After a while, the content on the mobile phone screen will appear on the computer screen