Computer screen projection, wireless projection of computer screen to TV

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mobile screen projection TV has become popular. It can be used only by installing a screen projection software, but many people don’t know how to project the screen when the computer is projected on the TV. Today, Xiaobian will give you a method. You can cast the screen of the computer to the TV just by following it, and you don’t need to install any software or any other accessories. It’s completely a wireless connection. You can operate as long as the computer and TV are on the same network.

how does the computer project the screen to the TV?


today’s method is to use the “DLNA” protocol. In fact, most electronic products have this function, but not many people know it; Almost all smart TVs on the market now support DLNA. Through the setting of DLNA, the interconnection between computer and TV can be realized, and the computer content can be projected onto the TV, including music, files, videos and so on.

below teach you how to cast the screen:

note: computers and TVs must be on the same LAN.

change the advanced sharing settings

turn on the computer, select [network and Internet] on [control panel] or [desktop], select

, click [network and sharing center]

to open, click [change advanced sharing settings]

on the left, click to open, and the setting page will pop up:

select [streaming media option], Click


to start streaming media, that is, click [enable streaming media] button


, then set all statuses to [allowed], and then click [confirm] to exit.

2. Screen

and then you can start the screen projection journey. Select the thing to play, right-click and select [play], and then select your device to play. You can realize the computer screen projection TV, whether it is pictures, music, files or videos.


some video broadcasting websites also have buttons that can cast the screen to the TV with one click on the computer. You can try it, but it is also required to be in the open setting state on the same network.


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