Computer screen to mobile phone program features

Mobile screen smart TV, I believe everyone will operate; Miracast is supported by a computer, and it is also difficult for mobile phone screen projection to Miracast, which is also operated by frequent screen projection friends. However, the wireless screen projection of a computer to a mobile phone is similar to the mobile phone PC mode. Today, the small story of Bijit teaches people to wirelessly project a computer screen to a mobile phone.

Computer screen to mobile phone program features

  1. As long as the wireless projection device, the signal receiving end display screen, and the intelligent device of the signal sending end are all built into a LAN, it can get rid of the limitation of distance. For example, if the mobile phone is connected to the WIFI of the router, the wireless screen box and the computer are plugged into the network cable. Even if one is on the 12th floor, the other is on the first floor, the computer screen can be projected onto the mobile phone.

2, can simultaneously screen the computer to multiple mobile phones.

3, the receiving end equipment requirements are relatively low. Mobile phones, tablets, computers and other smart devices that can install software, projectors, all-in-one computers, televisions and other screens with HDMI or VGA receiving interface can be projected;

  1. The sending end is now low. The sending end can be any smart device that can install the sending end software, such as a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Because the interface is large, the computer, the notebook is better to operate some.