Conference projection, intelligent conference room equipment system

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modern conference needs to express their meaning concisely and vividly, show their products vividly and clearly, and easy to control the changeable on-site environment, that is, scene. In professional terms, we need high-quality audio signals, high-definition video dynamic pictures and images, physical materials, accurate data expression and a set of practical and efficient control system. When combined, this whole set of system is the third generation conference system, also known as intelligent conference room equipment system.

intelligent conference room equipment system

intelligent conference room equipment system uses the paperless conference interactive system based on mobile Internet, modern communication technology, audio technology, video technology and software technology to realize the paperless conference through the electronic exchange of documents. It is characterized by networked file transmission, electronic file display, intelligent file editing and controllable file input and output. The core function is mainly to realize the functions of meeting check-in, document distribution, document upload, document synchronization demonstration, voting and so on.

only with modern intelligent conference system, we can not only enter the orderly meeting state, but also ensure the efficient progress of the meeting. The integrated design of


organically unifies all the equipment in the conference room, which increases the host’s control over the whole conference and significantly improves the efficiency.

digital conference network and simultaneous interpretation system: transmit stable and pure conference audio signals to all participants.

includes collective voting and simultaneous interpretation of real-time multilingual translation.

projection display and sound system: the main equipment for on-site video and audio. The scientific and intelligent integration of


fully reflects the high taste of modern conferences.

standardized and systematic conference configuration can help improve the corporate image?


professional digital conference system can ensure the harmonious and orderly progress of the conference:


touch screen intuitive and visual operation interface makes the controlled of various devices simple and fast.

multimedia peripheral equipment: input and output equipment of various video and audio signals, multimedia audio-visual education equipment and final implementation equipment of on-site environment.

1. The advantages of the conference system are efficient collaborative processing, synchronous demonstration of

conference documents, and better conference discussion and interaction. In the conference system, the conference speaker can switch freely. The speaker’s operations on documents, such as zoom in and out, page turning, etc., can be transmitted to the screens of other participants in real time through “touch screen trajectory tracking and simulation technology”, which has strong conference interaction and document synchronization.

2. The advantage of the conference system is the real-time interactivity. The

conference interactive system is actually aimed at the management of conference process, conference materials, conference document information release and document interactivity. At the same time, it can seamlessly combine the large screen display or projector to realize file synchronous sharing, and can also realize the actual function of the conference system.