Conference projection, wireless projection in enterprise office and conference room. The future enterprise conference mode of

is an era of efficient interconnection, real-time communication and intelligent conference. Bijie multi screen cooperative screen projection equipment creates more convenient wireless sharing and cooperation in conference rooms for users, mainly taking the company’s LAN as the environment. Through the wireless screen projection device, it can be combined with intelligent devices, and the content of a trainer can be synchronously displayed on the large screens of multiple conference rooms and the personal devices of participants.

network environment: corporate LAN.

Demo 1: wireless sharing and cooperation in a single conference room

wireless projector is connected to the large screen through HDMI cable; The speaker’s office equipment (mobile phone, tablet, notebook and computer) is wirelessly connected to the display screen, which avoids reducing the conference efficiency due to cumbersome work such as wiring, and the operation is very simple and easy to use.

Demo 2: large screen wireless sharing and cooperation in multiple conference rooms

Bijie multi screen cooperative projection equipment has its own multicast function, that is, it supports the function of one sending and multiple receiving in the same LAN. If a conference room has two large screens, just connect the wireless projector to the large screen, and then the screens of the two conference rooms can be displayed synchronously.

demo 3: multi-user wireless sharing and cooperation

only need to install a receiving program on the LAN server [self research]. Generate an IP address of the receiving end through the receiving program, and then all users in the LAN can receive the speaker screen by opening the browser and scanning the QR code through wechat.


demo 4: share and cooperate wirelessly while shooting.


share and cooperate wirelessly while shooting. The main purpose of cooperation is to replace the equipment at the signal transmitting end with camera, camera and other shooting equipment. You can synchronize the speaker and the main screen to the other large screens and the smart device screens of multiple users.


1. Wireless connection. Wireless transmission through corporate LAN.

2. Easy to use. Simply connect the projector and display with HDMI cable, which can be deployed in a few minutes and is easy to use.

3. HD output. 4K HD picture output.

4. Multi device compatibility. Smart phones, tablets, laptops, computers, projectors and all-in-one machines can be used.