Conference room projection, large-scale conference room wireless projection solution,

will introduce the large-scale conference room projection solution to you today.

achieve the purpose:

there are multiple computers in the conference room. When it’s the speaker’s turn to speak, you can display the current speaker’s computer screen on the large screen, and all the large screens display the current screen content synchronously. The focus is that you can switch freely and interact with each other to realize efficient and intuitive interactive discussion of the conference.


simply means that whoever needs to share and demonstrate will cast a large screen, and then the large screen will display the pictures of the sharing and presenters synchronously with the notebook pictures of the other participants [more often, it is not necessary to cast a screen on the computer screen of the participants, this can choose to cast only a large screen]. Implementation principle of




use the multi-channel screen projection display function of wireless screen projection equipment to wirelessly project one equipment to multiple displays.

every time you want to have a meeting in the conference room, you just need to turn on all computers and click to enter the meeting. You can immediately have the same screen, collaborative annotation, collaborative interaction and multi-party discussion, just like two people sitting next to each other. Whose screen needs to be demonstrated can be switched directly.


through wireless projection devices, we can easily display mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers and other signal end devices synchronously on the large screen, and the participants have a good interaction, while the presenters also have a good presentation scene. Now is the era of “intelligent conference” and “interactive conference”. Compared with the splicing screen, it seems to be no different from the projector, but it is clearer.

Bijie wireless projection solution for large-scale conference room:

can launch full coverage images on the large-scale conference site. The main screen and multiple sub screens can be displayed synchronously. The traditional wired HDMI cable uses Bijie multi screen cooperative intelligent terminal to replace the

mobile phone, computer wireless projection

computer plug in USB transmitter for projection. It supports multi split screen display, and can customize the switch Restart and support wallpaper picture rotation. Multiple conference rooms can be centrally managed through the management platform