Projection system to build a wireless projection system for enterprise level efficient and intelligent conference room.

although the application of large screen display systems such as projection and conference flat panel is becoming more and more popular, for the vast majority of users, the conference system established in the traditional way has many disadvantages. The most thorny problem is that the complicated wired connection of the system not only greatly reduces the aesthetics of the system, Moreover, it caused poor communication between personnel, which greatly reduced the efficiency of the meeting. How to make the meeting simple, efficient and easy to operate, and return the time wasted in device connection to the meeting itself, so as to achieve more efficient wireless sharing and cooperation.

intelligent allocation scheme of

conference room

only need to be equipped with a Bijie multi screen cooperative projection terminal, which can quickly and efficiently push the picture to the large screen through wireless mode; At the same time, the computer can also be operated by reverse touch on the large screen wirelessly, so as to realize real-time interaction, multi person and multi terminal sharing at the same time, and write at the fingertips, making the interaction easy and free.


Bijie multi screen cooperative projection terminals break through the limitation of space. The intelligent, simple and easy-to-use functions enable participants to immerse themselves in the meeting. While improving the efficiency of the meeting, users are more and more accustomed to this meeting method and enjoy it.

meeting projection to meet your needs. The function often used in

daily meetings is computer screen transmission. Connect the projection box and display screen through HDMI line; Then insert the USB case into the computer and press it to complete the quick screen. If multiple people need wireless screen projection at the same time, you can also choose a wireless screen projector that supports 4-screen display. Multiple devices are displayed on one screen at the same time, and the data comparison is clear at a glance. The reverse touch operation of


enables the conference to enter the speaker mode. The design of intelligent feedback control of


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completely breaks the previous rule that display terminals can only display in one direction, so that the increasingly popular touch display devices in conference rooms and other fields can really play the function of improving efficiency. The speaker only needs to stand in front of the large screen to complete the whole speech, so that he can focus more on the speech content itself without being interrupted by cumbersome equipment operation.

when more than one person needs to make a screen presentation, you can customize the screen presentation that needs to be displayed first, customize the screen, and instantly switch, zoom in, zoom out and kick out.

is a new conference mode integrating intelligence, interaction, efficiency, wireless and other functions. While continuing the classic of previous products, the products have been greatly upgraded and strengthened in terms of specific functions such as multi-user and high-speed, which can bring users more and better application experience!