Current pain points for OPS and screen product use

OPS all-in-one generally uses Windows as the main system, and Windows teaching software is frequently used in the classroom during the teaching process. The video output of Bijie multi-screen cooperative intelligent terminal is an independent signal source, so it is necessary to switch the OPS all-in-one computer to HDMI display mode, which causes the problem that teachers need to switch signal sources frequently.

Current pain points for OPS and screen projection products:

  1. Frequent switching of HDMI:

In the process of screen projection, when switching the content of OPS all-in-one machine and screen projection content, it is necessary to frequently switch the HDMI cable. Some users do not know how to switch, the waiting time for switching is also long, and it is easy to switch the wrong situation, and the procedure is complicated.

  1. Increase learning cost:

In the teaching process, when the teacher switches the content of OPS all-in-one machine and the content of projection screen, the method of switching the HDMI signal source of different brands of display devices is not the same, so the teacher needs to spend time to learn, increasing the teacher’s learning cost.

  1. Teaching software and screen projection scheme of all-in-one system affect OPS performance:

OPS all-in-one computer also comes with some screen-projection application software, which will occupy the processing performance of OPS at the same time as the teaching software. When some 3D teaching software needs to occupy most of the computing power of OPS, the screen-projection function of the system is often used, the effect is often poor, and the situation will appear stuck and flower screen. BJ80 hardware is responsible for processing the projection signal, and the OPS linkage software is only responsible for accepting the analytic screen processed by the intelligent collaboration terminal of BJ80, which greatly reduces the processing pressure of OPS.

In order to solve this problem, BJ80 multi-screen cooperative intelligent terminal provides management and control interaction software and control API interface of Windows, realizing that BJ80 multi-screen cooperative intelligent terminal and OPS touch all-in-one computer only need a data cable connection, can be synchronous linkage display, free switch display screen, convenient and flexible. The interactive management software is installed on the Windows terminal. The suspension window provides functions of one-click broadcasting, same-screen content display, and screen projection device configuration.