wireless projection, miracast, airplay, googlecast, the development trend of multi screen interaction

the same content, different screens and different communication and display methods are the requirements for the realization of multi screen interaction. According to the different characteristics of each terminal, the pushed content should focus on each other, learn from each other’s strengths and complement each other, so as to form complementarity, and truly realize the aggregation and communication effect of multi screen linkage. The communication content should be deeply excavated from the aspects of refinement, interactivity and uniqueness. Through big data technology, accurately classify, locate and analyze the habits of media audiences, and customize the communication content. Focus on audience experience and different audience needs. In the process of customizing content, different audiences adopt different forms and styles.

facing the new changes and new requirements brought by the multi screen era, the content dissemination of traditional media can no longer be limited to the production of single content. It is necessary to change the way of one-way dissemination, try to use new media for diversified content dissemination, try to widely apply multi screen interaction to content dissemination, and constantly adjust the communication strategy to meet the communication requirements of the mobile Internet era.


Bijie Internet aim at the market, develop in a diversified way, seize the broad market in the field of business and education, and give full play to the advantages of wireless screen projection equipment.


(I) give full play to their own advantages: Suzhou Bijie network always takes R & D as the core, adheres to independent innovation, has a number of audio and video core technology patents, is committed to intelligent office, intelligent education and intelligent IOT scenarios, and has the functions of mobile phone screen projection, computer screen projection, wireless screen projection, multi screen interaction, wireless conference, intelligent screen projection, vehicle screen projection, advertising screen projection and so on. It also has the functions of airplay, miracast, googlecast, DLNA Huawei cast + and other full agreements help our customers realize the interconnection and intelligent collaboration of intelligent display devices, and improve work efficiency and product competitiveness.


(II) everything starts from the needs of users: take users as the center and strive to construct users’ thinking. User thinking is not only the core of Internet thinking, but also the key point to be built in the transformation and upgrading of traditional media. User thinking refers to the production and organization of media content. It should be user-centered, mainly consider the needs of users, and take user experience as the main measurement standard of content production.