Bijie network wireless same screen / projection / projection software and hardware solution integrates mainstream projection protocols such as airplay and miracast, complements the self-developed bjcast projection protocol, and is compatible with windows, Android, IOS and other platforms to realize the functions of interconnected screen projection, multi-channel simultaneous projection and reverse control among mobile phones, tablets, computers and TV. Build a set of domestic leading commercial wireless display solutions.

Bijie wireless projection / projection SDK software development kit supports comprehensive, stable and smooth, high cost performance and flexible business cooperation. It is applicable to the program interface of Android, IOS and windows devices. The SDK covers all the underlying applications of the platform system, provides detailed development interfaces, and provides users with perfect development technical documents and demo. By calling the SDK interface, developers can easily push the video content of the video terminal to other display terminals for playback in real time, and can quickly realize “one click screen projection and multi screen interaction”.

bj-4000 multi-channel projection box independently developed by Bijie is the flagship wireless projection device launched by Bijie network. It has rich and diverse functions, is fully compatible with miracast, airplay and widi protocols, and supports rapid access of Android, IOS, MAC and windows intelligent terminals. It also provides 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 multi-channel split screen, screen cloning, display expansion and other display modes, provides HDMI, DVI, AV input and output interfaces, web-based system management, provides comprehensive product management functions, and creates a one-stop maintenance solution, which is applicable to various scenarios and meets the needs of the enterprise market.

Bijie can customize and develop wireless projection software for users, and users can also directly purchase wireless projection / projection SDK software development package. Bijie network provides users with source code and technical support to help users develop projection software independently. In addition to direct sales, wireless projection hardware products can also be customized and developed according to the specific needs of users.

at present, Bijie network wireless projection software and hardware products have reached cooperation with many large domestic enterprises and institutions, covering government office scenes, video conference hardware support, smart classrooms in the education industry, large screen games of game manufacturers, TV projection of home appliance manufacturers and many other fields.