Display software vs wireless projector

Now we can see all kinds of display software, and most of them are free, and the price of wireless projector is high compared with it, but wireless projector still has a certain proportion in the market, so what is the difference between display software and projector?


1. Different market
Wireless projector mainly focuses on business and education, and its main users are enterprise meeting rooms and educational institutions.
And the display software mainly provides services for individual families.

2. Different professional level

Wireless projector is obviously more professional, because it needs to provide one to many, many to one and many to many services for enterprises or schools, and at the same time, it also needs to take into account the stability and security of the system while meeting the above functions.
Most of the display software only need to display the screen of mobile phone and computer on the TV to meet the needs of users.

3. Different degrees of compatibility

The wireless projector needs to be compatible with more hardware devices and system protocols, such as Bijie meeting box supporting smart phone, Pad, laptops and desktops and other various kinds of hardware devices , while the system protocol is fully compatible with miracast, airplay, widi, etc.
If it is a display software, it can only support mobile phones and computers to display to TV, and it also needs to download the corresponding software version according to different devices and systems.

4. Different screen quality
Because the wireless projector is mainly used in enterprises and schools, it has a very high demand for the display quality.
However, the quality of the display software can’t be compared with that of the wireless projector obviously, because the display software is facing the family users,there is no high requirement for the display quality.

5. Different safety levels
For the wireless projector whose main customer is the enterprise and school, the security is undoubtedly a very important part of product quality evaluation. The wireless projector will adopt various information encryption technologies and WPA2 international authentication confidentiality agreement, or establish corresponding security management mechanism in the background of the equipment to ensure the security of the screen content and protect the information security of users.
However, the display software is often without these settings, and users need to agree to various terms and provide various permissions before using.