DLNA, computer projection and multi screen interaction. Through DLNA, Windows 7 computer screen is displayed on TV. The principle of


multi screen interaction basically has three ways: DLNA, miracast and airplay. However, we mostly use miracast [Android] and airplay screen image [IOS]. DLNA is rarely used. It’s not that it’s difficult to use, but the user population. DLNA is generally projected from the computer to the TV (LED screen). Today, Xiaobian will share with you that through DLNA, we can display our windows 7 computer screen on the TV.

method steps

1. The windows system comes with DLNA technology. You only need to turn on the streaming media management function of the notebook to send the videos and pictures in the notebook to the TV for display. The disadvantages of


are that they can only send videos and pictures. If the video is large, the sending process will take a long time and get stuck seriously. It is not recommended to use them.

2. The latest thunderbolt player has DLNA function, which can play local or online video of its client to TV. The disadvantages of


are that they can only play local videos and online videos of the client of this website, and other videos cannot be played. The above requirements must also be in the same LAN.