DLNA screen projection – How to project the phone screen DLNA onto the computer?

We are currently in the era of rapid development of mobile internet, but sometimes it is necessary to place the content on mobile screens on larger and clearer computer devices. How to achieve DLNA screen projection?

Operation point 1: After installing the Bijie projection software on the computer, open the software. For wireless projection operations, you need to scan the projection code on the page according to the Bijie projection app on the mobile device. This way, as long as the computer and mobile device are connected to the same wireless network, wireless projection can be completed;

Key point 2: Android wired screen projection operation requires a USB cable. After connecting the phone to the computer, open the USB debugging mode on the Android phone, grant the phone permission, and complete the screen projection;

Key point three: If you need to project the screen DLNA on the Apple phone to the computer, you need to first set it up on the Apple phone, slide on the screen to open “Screen Mirroring”, and ensure that both the phone and the computer are connected to the same wireless network;

Key point 4: If the computer device is connected with a network cable, “Ethernet” will be displayed at the top of the page. Unable to complete dlna screen projection at this time. Then, select Quick Screen Projection in the “Screen Mirroring” function of the Apple phone.