Do you have to have a projector for wireless projection? How do you cast a screen without a projector?

Screen projector is the wireless screen device, some early contact with the same screen device, may have purchased related equipment. At present, all screen projectors in the market support wireless screen projection based on screen projection protocol. Through the survey found that many users think that a screen projector is necessary to achieve the screen projection. In fact, the free screen projection software can achieve the same function as the screen projector.

Even the screen projection software is the first to have a wireless screen device

So without a screen projector, how on earth to achieve the screen?

  1. See what you want to screen.

If you are a smart TV + phone or a smart projector + phone. At this point, you just need to find the app in the smart TV and the smart projector. Once you’ve found it, open it up, and you’ll have the latest and most comprehensive screen projection features, which are definitely better than the average screen projector.

Using it, you can use mobile phone screen video, mobile phone screen music, mobile phone screen PPT document, mobile phone screen game, mobile phone screen desktop and other functions, support Android phone and iPhone phone screen.

  1. Implement screen meeting

How do you do that? As mentioned before, the screen projector software has the same functionality as the screen projector. Computer to open the official website of the Bijie screen, download a Bijie screen TV version, to open the installation. And then your computer already has screen projection. You don’t need to plug a projector into your computer. It can be downloaded from anyone’s computer, and when opened, it automatically searches for smart TVS or projectors on the same WiFi network.

Using the wireless projection function of screen projection software, wireless transmission of computer screen is realized. Just click on the start screen to transfer the contents of your computer to the screen.

  1. What if not smart screen?

The premise of using screen projection software is to intelligent projector, intelligent conference machine, intelligent TV box. What if it’s not intelligent. It is also very simple to buy an Internet set-top box, after buying with HDMI cable to connect the big screen, the big screen will become a smart system.

To sum up

You don’t need a screen projector. And is faster and more perfect screen function. No matter who’s phone or computer, it can have its own screen.